The Vision of Your Soul

What is the plan?

Your ego is assigning value to each one of these words, right here, right now…

But what about the vision of your Soul?

What is the plan for THIS life of yours? What are the core life lessons for this time around? This incarnation? This life of yours?

Your body is the canvas on which you feel your karma. Where you feel your life.

Feelings… (cue the music… 😉 Nothing more than feelings… lol

God/Goddess does not have a plan for you. Wait… what? God/Goddess does not have a plan for your life that they will force on you. God/Goddess DOES have a vision, a possibility, for what your life could look like. But there is this free-will thing. Your free will TRUMPS God/Goddess’s desires for your life. Your ego is the boss. Your ego is the Big Cheese! Your ego’s desires TRUMP all else.

Just look at humanity. Look at the collective consciousness on this planet. What are we focusing our attention on? What are we feeling about what is going on? We can choose whatever we want in this moment. Just pause your thoughts for a moment…

Here is a new thought. What COULD you have thought in that moment? Where are your thoughts coming from… overall? Do you live in your ego’s monologue? God/Goddess will fulfill any thought. Any desire. Consider that the egos of humanity have thought the idea of nuclear war… And indeed, there are nukes all over the planet. God/Goddess did not flinch. Our desires drive the boat. Our desires ARE the seeds of the future. What the hell? Who put our egos in charge? Yikes!

Enter the Soul. Your Soul. There is a plan for your life. There is a map of what your life COULD be. Could be. But it is your ego that will decide if it does, or doesn’t, fulfill. Your Soul has no fear. Your Soul knows the truth in every moment. Your Soul can inspire you all throughout your day… if your ego allows it. If your ego can get out of the way. To let go of the reins. To pull the steering wheel off the car, and hand it up to your Soul.

It is really a timeless story. This body of yours. This ego of yours. If indeed our egos have the final say, then perhaps, just perhaps, it is US, us human BEings, that are the reason for all of creation. All of it. We are here for the human experience. So that we can FEEL our lives unfold. So that we can feel the pain and the pleasure of what it means to be a human BEing.

Do you want to kick some Divine ass in this lifetime of yours? Learn how to Love. Learn how to Love what is. As it is… right now. All of it. Unconditionally. As it is right now. When you can embody Love in this moment, you are the embodiment of your Soul. And since you are IN Love in the moment, you are aligned with the vibration with your highest Self. Your Soul personified.

When you are in Love, you are in alignment with the highest vibration possible in this moment. The thread of your thoughts become aligned with the Divine idea of what your life can be. Love Personified. And the feeling of Love, on your body, is Bliss. An endless stream of Divine Love expressing through your desires. It is God/Goddess’s desires to fulfill YOUR desires.

Get in the flow of Love. In You. Through You. As You…

You look Lovely!

Love You!



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