Ding Dong … Your Karma Has Arrived

The Family and the Karma

Ding Dong … The family has arrived for the holidays … And you feel???

The holidays are great times to get in touch with your family of origin. Those that raised you. Those that grew your ego.

Our souls chose our family. Very carefully. Oftentimes looking for families that had a ton of karma. What the hell? Looking for karma? Really?

When we hear the doorbell ring … or perhaps we are the ones pressing their doorbell … we are about to re-unite with our family. What feelings come to the surface?

I was at a liquor store and I innocently asked what was their busiest day of the year? They said the Thanksgiving holiday was by far the most busy time of the year. When families get together and sit down at the same table … This is why we drink?

Indeed. We are infinite Souls having a human experience. Infinite. Without end. WE, as the Divine Consciousness of all that is, are infinite potential. And we chose the family environments that would most likely stir us in ways that would ensure our awakening.

In my own family dynamic, it was all about God. Not the REAL God. But the judgmental bastard that would have no problem sentencing me to everlasting damnation, while the rest of my family would go to heaven, without me, to live in eternal bliss. If I ever said the word Fuck, it was game over for me.

Why would my soul choose such a family dynamic? What would be the reason for that?

It turned out to be perfect. This young lad, the last of seven kids, would grow up in a household where everything was about God. And nothing felt right. I would end up questioning the story that my family of origin told me. I would end up questioning everything about what I was taught. Everything.

And by questioning everything, I would look at it all with a very critical eye. Learning to weigh what I was being told in the moment. I have since developed a kind of living B.S. detector. It turns out karma leaves a wake. The vibration of every sentence out there carries a vibration of its truth. Or the lack of truth.

Well, it DID work. I did find God. Actually, I found God and Goddess. It turned out that worshipping the masculine idea of God exclusively, would be another aspect of growing up in an extremely “religious” household. It turns out that you had to discover the unspoken aspect of this God essence. The Feminine. The Feminine Goddess. To hide the very thing that would bring balance to the Divinity within us all would be the unspoken aspects of the Divine … Wait … weren’t we talking about family dynamics?

What are the core values and beliefs of your family? What was allowed, and perhaps more important, what was never spoken of? You can get a glimpse of what your soul had in mind when it chose your family of origin.

As the holidays progress, take the time to feel … Feel what it feels like, when family arrives. How does it feel to change the subject? How does it feel to walk outside of the lines? To know your truth is to know that all forms of creation have equal merit. The shadow is as much Divine as the Light.

“Both Light and Shadow are the Dance of Love.”
~ Rumi

Happy Holidays!

Love You!



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