Taking the time to stop and appreciate who we are today

Who are You? Why are You here? What are You here to be?

Sometimes on our spiritual journey, we always have the future in our sights. Sure enough, that is a good way to be conscious of what you ARE creating. But what have you already created? Who is this You, that is reading these words? What have you experienced in your life so far? What are the karmic lessons you are here to learn?

You are re-connecting. You are becoming more aware of your higher self. You are remembering who you really are. Getting glimpses of your Soul. That REALLY BIG You. Like your own personal best friend. A part of you that always sees you with Loving eyes. With confidence in your future. Knowing that there is more of You to discover, explore and manifest.

Your age is really none of your business. In the journey of Life, there is no step more important than another. If your neighbor has become enlightened and is glowing in the dark. If your family has ascended into heaven and now just sends (Divine) postcards to you. Relax. If you find yourself struggling, know that it is part of your own journey. You will make it. You always make it. To be able to go into the darkness, and forget just how powerful you are, was a choice. It allows your ego to feel extreme satisfaction and fulfillment as you re-discover your own truth. If there weren’t any effort required, there would be no feelings of accomplishments either. Your growth is your reward.

If you are struggling with the basics of life, celebrate just how far into the human condition your soul chose for your life. It is only the old souls that travel to the edge of darkness. If you find your life filled with everyday struggles, know that you are here to experience the full spectrum of what it means to be human. Only the very experienced souls get to that point.

You have made it to THIS day. You have evolved over the course of your life up to this moment. You have made it this far. And no matter what happens next, You are safe and You are Divine. There is no place in your journey where you have lost your connection with your own Divinity. Forgive any seeming detours in your past. Forgive any notion that your choices in the past were a mistake of some kind. You cannot break a karmic law. Ever. You are safe now. Your Divinity is assured. Right now and forever more. You cannot do your life wrong. You cannot make choices that disconnect you with your Divine journey. Your Soul has chosen every struggle and karmic imprinting in your own demeanor now.

Do not avoid your karma. Let it be what it is. Do not judge it. How you experience your karma is a choice. The essence of karma is impersonal. The laws of karma are timeless and woven into every story of our own human mythology. Karma is simply the moment of your own consciousness going into and out of your own subconscious. It is Your own consciousness from the past that has not been resolved yet. Keeping a karmic patterning in your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. Karma is the metrics of the journey itself.

You cannot master what it means to be a human being without karmic experiences. Your journey IS your Soul’s intentions. Observe those most prominent aspects of your life that you would like to change. How long have you lived out this karmic trending? Who would you have to become to cleanse and master your karmic propensities? What thoughts, feelings and actions are re-enforcing the very aspects you want to change? Life is a journey of sorts. We have this constant unfolding that is happening within us. All of the changes we have experienced in our past have helped prepare us for who we are today.

Relax. Have a seat. Let go of any worries for these next few days. Take a break from any worries or concerns. The more you can let go and relax, the fresher your perspective will be when you choose to re-engage the next steps of your spiritual growth. Be patient with yourself. Have a loving compassion for yourself. As you learn to Love and forgive yourself, you will start to see yourself in the faces of others. And your compassion will grow. The very effect of unconditional Love.

See the Divine behind every path of Souls. The villain and the victim are both the classroom of our karmic potential.

Love You

Les Jensen


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