What are you to do now?

These elections have shown us some of our deeper and hidden feelings that have come out. What would have been a fringe social dialogue, has become front and center of our media. There are so many feelings and beliefs that are being weighed in on. It can be difficult to care for your country very deeply, yet watch it shaken to its very core.

What IS it that we can do as citizens to help bring back a peaceful and prosperous America?

The future is decided energetically first. We actually vote the LOUDEST by the silent energy emanating from us. We are voting by how we feel, think, and believe. Everything happens energetically first. And how you cast your vote is determined by the energy that you have created, are creating, and will create. The flow of creation involves understanding the various elements within us that contribute to the energy emanating from us.

I got schooled by this, in the moment the proverbial cosmic two-by-four hit me upside my head. It was my own personal wake-up call. It was in that very specific moment that my whole life changed. For it was in that moment that I experienced how profound, and very intense, our own subconscious energy could be. For it was in that moment that a very large amount of anger came flowing out of me.

What? ME angry? Never happen, or so I thought. But yet, there it was flowing out of me. For it turns out that I had an immense amount of anger stored in my subconscious. And I had never felt it consciously. And yet in that moment, as it was flowing out of me, I remember thinking, what is this? Where is this coming from? Where has this been all this time?

The anger was a curious feeling. At first, I didn’t know how to react to it. It was very intense, and large amounts of it were flowing out of my psyche. The anger itself didn’t really care at all how I felt about it. It was an impersonal moment. It was the first time I could put my finger on my karma as pure energy.

For I had attracted a very angry boss. A tyrant of sorts. Treating me like I was an imbecile. Tormenting me on a daily basis. Getting under my skin and upsetting this hidden anger within me. I couldn’t see the connection at the time. The connection of how he was stirring up MY old dormant anger within me. I remember how I would come home from work, and just crash on the couch and veg. Channel surf for about an hour before I felt relaxed enough.

So what does this have to do with the elections? Everything. Do you really want to make a difference in the future of this country and the world too? Take the time to understand yourself. How you REALLY feel. Take the time to allow yourself to get upset. When you allow yourself to feel the intense feelings within you, you are tapping intense energy that you are voting with. In the sense that if you have suppressed feelings that are not congruent with what you really want, then you ARE voting for what you DON’T want energetically.

That is right. If you are suppressing a lot of feelings, those feelings are voting for you. You release them by simply feeling them. It can feel uncomfortable. And that is why you might want to avoid them. But if you avoid them, they accumulate and then vote LOUDER. Take the time to feel all the crappy old feelings that you would rather be rid of. They are raw energy. The fuel of the Law of Attraction. The energy of your own consciousness.

What to do? Forgive yourself. And have compassion for yourself. And as you practice that, you will see others in a new light. Forgiveness and compassion allow you to take a BIG step back. And look at the older story that is going on here. Sure, the parts that frustrate you today might have fresh faces on them. But the FEELINGS that are waging the BIG waves in your psyche have probably been there for a long time. They tend to strike cords of emotions from your family, friends, and karmic lessons of your youth.

There are a lot of basic human emotions being waged in this political process.

After you have spent time feeling, take the time to stop. Stop down all the way. Relax. And then relax some more. Practice your ability to find that place of calm within you. Master yourself. Take deeper and slower breaths. Perhaps lay down on a bed. What you are doing here is finding that place of center within you. That eternal place of peace. Let go of your story. Let go of your worries. Let go of everything and just be still. And then relax some more. Deeper breaths. Slower. And slower still. Let go of how everything looks in this moment. Find that place of complete stillness within you now. This is where to plant the seeds of the future you REALLY want.

In that stillness, ask your heart and soul to show you your own life. As if you lived on a Utopian planet. Like the perfect world for you. Where you are loving life. You are loving the life you wake up to. You are loving how you spend your days. You are loving what you are creating. And you dearly Love everyone with whom you come in contact. You are creating a NEW vote from scratch. You are creating a new vibration. Out of thin air. That IS the vibration of your own personal heaven. And then infuse it with excitement and joy. Let yourself dream of your life as if it were real. Laugh and get excited about it. THIS is what you want to create for the future of humanity on this planet.

One last step. Who is it that is dreaming this Heaven on Earth? It is your Divine Self. Your timeless Soul. It is the you that knows that this is possible. And tell your ego that this is a real possibility for your life. When we visualize what we want, we are seeding the universe with the vibration that will guide us to that outcome. Visit here often. Collect pictures that remind you of this place. Perhaps collect songs that make you feel at home here. Ask your Heart and Soul to show you what your next steps are. This is a journey. Enjoy this day of it. Enjoy that you have made it this far. Do your bidding directly with the universe, and you will attract everything around you that is in alignment with it coming true. That is how powerful you are.

Love You.

Les Jensen


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