Master the Art of Living in This Day

Here we are, living yet another day. Are you feeling satisfied with your life? Do you feel love in your life? Or are you perhaps waiting for something to happen or change? It will only be during today, this day, that you will ever feel your feelings.

When we can recognize that this moment now is all there is, we can let go of any need for anything else but our own selves to give us the feelings of happiness and joy. I say happiness and joy because those two feelings are the results of recognizing the truth. The truth is, we are on this temporal train. We are living a timeline of sorts. There was this day that we would call “yesterday.” Did you feel happiness and joy yesterday? Do you think you will feel these emotions tomorrow too?

When our minds focus on projects, expectations and desires, we can lose sight of what is right in front of us. You are alive right now. You are a vast Soul personified as this human being. This human being with this storyline. Look at your journey so far. Look at the times in your past that were decisive. Look at the challenges and the triumphs too. No matter how it all went, here you are now.

To understand the truth of who we are is to see our own personal story as the journey of a single Soul who has traveled deep into the darkness. And now, this beautiful Soul (you) is on its way back to embodying the truth. All of it. To re-learn what self-love means. What compassion for yourself can actually look like. What unconditional acceptance of who you are and what your story has been can feel like. No matter how dark your past has been, you have a ticket into heaven. And that ticket is only good for one day only. That day is today. You will never experience Heaven any other day.

The Source of all creation is equally available in every single day. Including this day. As a hologram, all things are present here and now. You can choose whatever it is you want to experience. Heaven and Hell exist in this moment. Do you want to find that Heaven in you now? Do you want to relax in this day? Do you want to let go of trying to find out when it will all happen for you? Then surrender your mind’s idea of what needs to happen. Let go of any judgment of who you are and who you were. Know that you are the Source of all creation personified right now. You are a point of access to Heaven right now.

Relax. Slow down your breathing. Stretch your body and rest. There is nothing in this human experience that harms your truth. You are safe. You are Loved. Today is the day to realize that. Spend the time to realize that today is the day. This day. This now. You are it now. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Trust yourself. Be happy with who you are right now. You are worthy of Heaven today. Right now. Love You!

The kingdom of Heaven is within you now. Here’s to Heaven on Earth, embodied by those who recognize the truth of who they are … today.

Love Love Love,



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