Love is for your enjoyment

For many of us, we can remember a time in our life when our heart has been broken. Perhaps this involved a painful chapter (or chapters) when the act of loving someone had brought us a very deep painful experience. And those memories can keep us from returning to the idea of loving again. But the love within our “self” at a very deep level is always ready to love again.

It is when we have acquired self-judgment that we can be setting ourselves up for a painful experience of love. Self-judgment in the form of guilt or shame are the emotions that can cut the deepest. These emotions prevent us from letting love in. When we have patterns of avoiding loving our self we create a vacuum of sorts. A feeling of emptiness. And that is when the love from another can give us a feeling of being fulfilled. It is when that feeling of being fulfilled is removed that the painful feelings set in. Ouch!

You can make yourself immune to feeling pain about the act of loving.

That immunity comes from restoring your own self-love. When we have separated our “self” from the ability to love ourselves, we disconnect from the love that our own soul has for us. There is a place where you can actually live in love, feeling loved in every moment of every day. It is where your own ego and your soul have merged. It comes from healing your ability to love yourself. It means having a strong sense of compassion for yourself, because being human on this planet can be hard at times. It can challenge you at the deepest of levels. And that can get tiring over time. But don’t fret, love awaits your desire of it.

What do you love? The smell of the first cup of  coffee? The smile on a child? Soaking in a tub of bubbles? When we open up to those things we love, and choose them more often, we create a sense of allowing love. When we open up to the idea that genuine love doesn’t always have to come from the personal relationships in our lives, we can actually find love everywhere. You deserve love. Take the time to pay attention to what you love. As you progress through your day, what makes you smile? What makes you feel good? What do you like to do? What do you love?

Incidentally, there is a movie about all the many ways love can show up in our lives. That movie is actually called, “Love Actually”.

I, for one, love You!

Love Love Love



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