You are here for the Human experience

Now I am going to go out on a limb here. I am pretty sure you woke up this morning. And chances are good that you are conscious enough to read sentences. And if I asked you how many dogs you could get into a box, you might come back with some questions. How big is the box? How big are the dogs? Why is this question even being presented? So, I would bet your ability to conceive ideas is intact too. It seems like the basic vehicle for our human experience is functioning normally.

You are alive. So live.

What is it you prefer? What do you enjoy? What moments of time make you pause and take notice? Perhaps it is the sun setting over the ocean? Or the slow swaying of the large soft snowflakes descending on their new home? Or the raindrops racing across your windshield? Or perhaps the smell of a rose that has just opened its blossom for the very first time?

Your life is a miracle of sorts. This body of yours is on autopilot. Your Soul is managing all of the regulatory matters of keeping your body alive. Your mind/ego is riding on top of it all … this “You” that has arisen out of your past. You are reading this sentence in this very instant. I see you. And I am most delighted you are here now. Celebrate your journey. All of it.

Remember the time when you might have worried that this body was all that there was to you? That your Soul was off your radar? That if some unfortunate tragedy happened, you would be lost forever? That can’t happen. You are bigger than this lifetime. Bigger than all of your lifetimes. You are guaranteed a point of presence, this sense of “You,” for the entire journey back to Source. All Souls are Source consciousness personified. The truth of you is out of reach of any intentions of man. No thing that can happen on Earth can touch your Divinity. And you have a slice of Heaven within you now. Always have. You are safe and you are Loved.

Trust in your journey. Your past is littered with lessons that have made you who you are right now. Your Soul has a vision for your life. If you can get your ego on board, you can live a life wide open … without tether or limits. This YOU reading this IS the point. You are the experience itself. This gigantic universe is here just for the experience, a constantly changing holodeck of sorts. There is no finish line. The scale of it all transcends any single lifetime. The Sun, Moon and Stars all await your awakening.

It is not selfish to hone in on what you prefer, for that is the realm of your most authentic self. Keep clarifying the idea of what you want in your future, and enjoy this moment. Trust that what you want is the impulse of your most authentic self. Thrust in your sickle. Claim this spot of yours in this story of humanity on Planet Earth.

Live, Laugh and Love.

Love You.



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