Who is this “You” that is reading this?

Nice to meet you. Who is it that I am talking to?

Who are you? Who are you over a span of time? What if you were to imagine yourself(s) gathered at a table. Can you picture 4 or 5 versions of you throughout your life, sitting at the same table? Perhaps a young child version of you. A teenager version of you. A young adult version of you. Like snapshots of you throughout this lifetime.

Can you imagine the thought process that is going on in each version? What is you as the young child thinking about? Play time? Presents at Christmas? And the you as a teenager. What is going through that young mind of yours? Perhaps some social contemplations? Maybe a little searching for a sense of self? And what about the older versions of you? What are those thoughts? You can fill those in as you’d like.

So where is this “You” at the table? It is the same “You” at each chair? If a stranger met each one of you, would they “see” the same you?  Perhaps there is such a contrast of values and concerns. A whole range of thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It can be fun to twist things a bit and see where the “constant” parts of you are.

The Actor and the Act. You might think of the Actor as your Soul. Every time you have incarnated on this most beautiful planet, it has always been the same Actor (or Actress). But the Act is what changes throughout your own journey. You are “Acting” now. And perhaps this is your personality or ego that is riding on the Actor’s life-force energy. Your Soul is the life force energy of your body. If that part of you, the part that maintains your body, was the responsibility of your ego, well, chances are very good you wouldn’t be here. From my perspective, it is a really cool thing that life flows through us without us having to do anything. You will go to sleep tonight, and wake up as yourself in the morning. The Actor (Your Soul) is managing the details of keeping your human body going. So your ego (the Act) can come into form, and then search for its own sense of fulfillment.

If we were to watch that search for a deeper understanding of life, we would see the ego trying to get a glimpse beyond itself. That which is searching (the Ego) is already the thing itself (Consciousness Personified). Indeed, a most interesting process of life.

Know that you cannot ever destroy your own truth. Know that your Soul will live on no matter what happens to your physical body. Know that you will return to Source consciousness (Heaven). And that journey can take as long as it wants to take. You have a choice in every moment to either go farther into the darkness, stay where you are, or raise your own consciousness closer to Heaven. And which ever one you choose in this moment, doesn’t prevent you from choosing a completely different choice in this moment. You have free will to choose as you choose, forever.

The point I am getting at is for you to relax and find that inner peace within you. When you know the truth of who you are, no human condition will be able to distract you from the truth of who you are. It is then that you will know lasting peace. And from that peace, your view of your life will take a vastly bigger approach to living. Pure Authentic You.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you now. See you there!

Love and Light,



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