Finding your stride … Living your potential

It seems like humanity has been searching for the Holy Grail for eons of time. The Holy Grail represents the pinnacle of life itself, providing happiness, eternal youth and a life of abundance. This idea is very intriguing, as if there is a magic “thing” that, once discovered, all struggle will dissolve.

The idea of a sweet spot in life has merit. Certainly there must be some type of order, or core principle of life, that can give one an advantage. Like some kind of liberation from the sense of struggle. Certainly many of us have had difficult times in our own lives, often sharing stories of our own individual “train wrecks.” I know I have had my share of difficult chapters in my own life.

I suggest there is a vantage point that, once discovered and mastered, gives one a sense of peace and trust in the process of life. You might think of it as learning the nature of nature. But to recognize this vantage point is just the beginning, because just knowing something doesn’t automatically give you the tools to use the knowledge. I suggest this Holy Grail has to be embodied, so that you actually know it well enough so that you can relax within the storm itself when it happens.

What I am talking about is the vantage point of your own Soul. Your Soul. The BIG You. For myself, I was raised not ever considering my Soul. My upbringing was a staunch religious household, which was totally devoted to creating absolute obedience to church principles. And in my case, it was the Mormon church. And if I failed the test “God” had me taking for my entire life, I would be cast out of my family dynamics and sentenced to hell for all of eternity.

I left the church and started pursuing my own sense of “truth.” I didn’t give the idea of a Soul much thought for many years. But I found myself being curious about “past life regression.” I had no idea what that would look like. I didn’t have any examples to understand it. But I felt very attracted to the concept. So, on my birthday many years ago, I found a practitioner that provided past life regression sessions.

To keep a long story short, while fully immersed in this past life regression, I found myself on the deck of a Columbus era ship out in the middle of an ocean in the middle of the night. Oh, and there was a hurricane going on too. I can only use words to convey what I felt. It felt like I was there. I felt drenched in water. I could feel the wind on my body. And I saw the next wave coming up over the deck, and I was soon in the water. This whole experience blew me away. In this current lifetime, I’ve experienced several water crises. Having a deep fear of water since I was born, I now had a glimpse into how this fear had gotten there.

Once I came to understand the nature of being a Soul, incarnating into a human body over and over again, I began to trust that I was more than this body I have now. For I have had many bodies over the many lives I have lived on this planet. I continued with the past life regressions, and came to understand that no matter what happens to THIS body of mine, my Soul lives on. I am not this body as much as I am this Soul, within this body, living out THIS lifetime.

The Holy Grail of this understanding provides you with a sense of ease that develops within you now that you’ve realized that you’re not able to “die” at the Soul level. Only the ego is lost, like so many egos that are living in bodies on this planet now … lost to the truth of who they really are. Souls personified.

Trust in the truth of who you really are. Your truth is untouchable by human intentions or actions. You are safe now and always. Enjoy your life. This life.

Love You!




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