Is there ACTION to your inspirations?

There is a place where you can grow bigger by the moment. You might experience a time warp too, in that that place where you are so immersed in concentration that time gets away from you. There is a bit of transcendence to it as well when we have tuned in to a thread of thought, from which inspiration flows.

The inspiration is the first step. Taking the time to capture our own inspiration is the entry point of our higher wisdom showing up in our own life. In order to capture that wisdom, we need to get out of our ego/mind. And better yet, we can learn to not judge what ideas are coming into our thoughts. When we are able to make a quantum jump in our own inspiration, it can come from allowing our thoughts the freedom to step out of our past experiences.In other words, we might get inspiration that doesn’t make any sense to our everyday mind. Yet when we just allow those thoughts to flow, we afford the possibility of capturing a whole new perspective on what is possible in our life.

For example, in the old western movies, the telephone poles had ceramic insulators that the wire would attach to in order to prevent the electricity from flowing into the telephone pole. Ceramics were used as an insulator, not allowing electricity to flow through. Or so it seemed! Decades later research has been carried out involving a search for a superconductor … a conductor that DOES conduct electricity, and conducts it very well. Enter the Josephson Junction. Scientists found that ceramics DID, in fact, conduct. At very cold temperatures ceramics became exceptional conductors. So if those scientist had stayed in the realm of thinking ceramics are insulators, that invention would never have happened.

Enter your life. Perhaps you want to change something about your life. Let’s say you want more Love in your life. Perfect. When you set the intention to have more Love in your life, what would make that happen is to lose those aspects of your life that are preventing Love from flowing in you, through you, as you. So as you put your attention on Love, you start to notice Love events in your life. You notice a puppy licking a boy’s face. A mother smiling at her baby girl. As you change your intention, you change your ability to see certain things.

Have you ever decided to buy a particular car? A specific model and perhaps even a specific color? And then you start to notice them everywhere? When your intention shifts, so does your awareness. The notion of flow happens when you get good at noticing. When you set the intention for change, and you notice the new inspirations, you are at the point of taking new actions. This is the doorway to lasting change. Court the inspiration of your own heart and soul. And then notice. Pay attention to what shifts in your awareness. Perhaps you catch yourself being critical of another person’s behavior. And then you judge. That can be a reflection of your own self-judgment.

Love has no condition. Love has no requirements. To expand your ability to Love would be to accept more of life, just the way it is. Just the way you are. You are life personified. And all of your behavior is accepted by the nature of unconditional Love. You are an infinite BEing. Your soul can feed you an endless stream of inspiration. When you can make a habit of following that inspiration intuitively, you are living in Flow. Follow that flow with actions and you will feel fulfilled, satisfied and truly happy.

You are the thing itself, right now. Love expressed.

Love and Light,




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