Walking in step with your Soul

We have all had moments when the timing of things just seems to be perfect. Like when we meet the person we were just thinking of … by “accident.” There is a curious thing about how things manifest in our lives. Everything happens energetically first … before the atoms get involved. The future is created on this invisible energetic canvas before anything in the physical world actually moves.

Sometimes the events in the energetic realm tell us how to avoid something. On the morning of 9/11 many people missed their train, called in sick or had something else “come up” that kept them from getting to work on time. At the Soul level, everything is known before it actually happens. And at the Soul level, it can be decided whether we actually participate in it. This is part of the reason that karma is perfect. The principles of karma are exact and flawless. Nobody has ever broken a karmic law.

There are times when everything seemingly goes wrong. Perhaps our car breaks down. Or we miss our plane. And these events can be frustrating. But we can get better at not being surprised by how our lives changes directions. We can tune in to the intentions of our Soul, and make choices that are already in alignment with the energy of what is about to happen. But in order for that to happen, there needs to be room in our thoughts for that inspiration to show up.

Sometimes people can live in such busy mindsets that there is literally no room for inspiration from the Soul … where the ego is on fast-forward. It is in those situations that the “change” of plans is always a frustration. I “should” have been on that plane. Damn it! What is happening is actually mental karma being revealed. When our thoughts are disconnected from the inspiration of our own Soul, we can feel like everything is working against us, causing a sense of “suffering.”

But there is a mental arena in which we can live, day by day, that has us in synchronicity with the intentions of our Soul. It is from that space that we can find ourselves living in a world of perfect timing. It can happen when our thoughts are actually chosen from a place of higher consciousness. Where we are actually “out of our minds.” When we are tuned in to our higher wisdom, we can take a longer time to make a decision. What? Taking a longer time to make a decision? What about being “in step”?

When we are coming out of an era of unconscious living, we can be so far off the authentic path, that the inspiration we get can seem misplaced … where our ego cannot recognize the choice as relevant to our situation. But if we can spend some time to recognize when things feel off, and not take an impulsive guess at what we could be doing, we allow ourselves to have the time to align with a whole new direction. For example, we might be trying to make our job better by working out the difficulties. Where what actually needs to happen is that we get a completely different job altogether. If our mind stays stuck in the “I can fix this” mindset, we are actually not thinking in the flow of the energetic intention of our Soul.

And then there is a space where we have resolved all of the bigger choices in our lives. Where our life path IS in alignment with the intentions of our Soul. This can be the place of frequent synchronicity. This is the place where your life becomes an endless stream of perfect moments. The moment you step outside, is the moment a beautiful sunset is revealed. Or, as I once experienced, the moment I stepped outside, a Bald Eagle flew over my front yard. It blew my mind. When we can tune in to the energetic flow of our Soul, the path we walk is lined up with events that bring us the feeling of Joy. Life becomes a curious flow of synchronicity. Our inner child is smiling all day long. This is the arena of Heaven on Earth … a “Joy to the World” kind of living.

Trust in your path. Follow the desires of your Heart. And the world will open up and fill you with Joy.

Love you, I do.



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