Creating as you are inspired to

You are the thing itself. The creative process of our human nature happens through the human experience. Exactly like your experience. The creative process IS happening in you. All of our human history is about people just like you. Every story about humanity that has unfolded throughout time is a mirror of what you are living out right now. You hold the reins. You are the artist. You are creating right now.To become conscious of that, and then to consciously engage that, is to fulfill the vision of your own heart.

Self-love is the doorway to the most incredible life. Love seeks expansion. Expansion through you. Love as you. As you purify your own heart, you open up the floodgates of love within you now. Infinite love is present as source. Source consciousness has created the universe, and is still seeking expansion. The universe has given us trillions of stars and galaxies, and there is still more to give. Here we are, living on this beautiful planet Earth. And the source of all creation is here now, as you. There is no depletion of the source of creation. Ever. You cannot empty out the creative consciousness in you.

Taking the time to heal your heart, and to purify the self-love you have for yourself, is the game-changer. It is in the sense that as you heal yourself, ever more possibilities open up to express through you. It is your ego that determines the size of your ability to conduit love. Fall madly in love with yourself. Forgive yourself. Hold a space of unconditional compassion for yourself. Celebrate your past. All of it. As you heal yourself, you also start to see more of humanity through the eyes of compassion, for all acts of darkness come from the pain of the past. As you heal your past, you can more easily see the motivations of others. It is then you can stop the reactive cycle and just be, stopping the cycle of pain.

We are here as the creators of life. What the future holds will be chosen by us. What you can choose for yourself will be determined by how you feel about yourself and what you are “worthy” of. The universe holds no boundaries of its own. It is only you who will determine if there are to be any limits of what is possible for your life. Practice choosing what you prefer. Take the time to understand yourself and what you truly want, for this will move you closer to embodying your authentic self. Your authentic self is present in that space where your heart, your soul, and your ego are all walking in step with each other.

Pure Authentic You.

Love you.



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