Seeing from your Soul’s perspective

It can feel odd to laugh at life sometimes. I mean, this is serious … right? When we have been trying to bring change into our life, it can seem like nothing is working. Perhaps we even have thoughts of “what’s the use?” But our Soul has our back. We have the bases covered. In fact, our vibrant and opulent life is held in escrow until we can embody it ourselves.

From the higher perspective, we cannot fail. It is only a matter of time. There is only one outcome. All roads (choices) lead to Heaven. We are safe and we are loved. No matter what the circumstances of this moment, you will prevail. There is no other outcome. The only variable is when. Knowing this can bring a sense of relief. The journey can seem hard, as if you are watching a slow-motion movie.

There is some comfort in knowing you are safe. This “you” that is reading this cannot be destroyed. The truth of you is untouchable by human intentions. No matter what. Yet your ego can feel vulnerable. And certainly our human storyline can go into some tough and challenging paradigms. But rest assured. The kingdom is yours. It awaits your alignment with it. And there is this thing called karma which decides how you will experience the journey to the Kingdom of Heaven within you now.

You can shift how you will experience your karma, from truly understanding who you really are. You are a soul. And since you are reading this, your soul is present. Otherwise, your body would return to the earth from which it came.

Gently pinch a finger. Any finger. Go ahead. What you just felt is Mother Earth. The atoms that make up your body were doing something completely different when your parents were creating the conception of you. All of your atoms are part of Mother Earth. You constantly eat new supplies of atoms. And often you flush atoms away too.

In fact, you are a fountain of atoms. Like a water fountain that is constantly replenishing itself. Your soul is the life-force energy that keeps your body alive. However, you are not your body. For it is on temporary loan from Mother Earth. The atoms that make up you right now … wait … some of your atoms just left from the breath you just exhaled. But don’t fret. This “you,” this human consciousness that is you right now, is eternal. So go ahead and surrender. Relax. You are safe and you are loved.

Before you were born, your soul chosen a life path for you. A storyline for what your life could be. Yet whether that will happen or not is mostly up to your ego. And now you are the actor in that storyline. Just like an actor in a play, the role you are playing in this life is just a story. A story of a soul. You have spent many lifetimes creating the story of who you are right now. And now, you are a soul, awakening to the bigger story of who you really are.

Anything is possible in this chapter of your life. The universe is unbiased. It will simply reflect back to you the exact energy your are emitting to it. When your energy changes, so does your experience. In the simplest terms, you are having an energetic dialogue with the infinite universe. And the really cool thing is, that whatever you can imagine, the universe can create. Trust in that. Take the time to know that. And then find the self-love that says you deserve that. Thrust in your sickle. Cast a grand vision for your life. And move your energy into alignment with that vision. For it is God’s good pleasure to give you that kingdom.

When you can truly trust the truth of who you are, you will laugh at all the fret and worry. Because in truth, you can never really fail. Sure, you can choose to go further into the darkness. But that would only make your return to the light that much more epic. You can never do it wrong. As you remember more of the truth of who you really are, you will smile and enjoy the journey. Love you!

Wishing you a wonder-full Thanksgiving!

Love and Light,



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