The Hand in the Glove

Get a Grip

When we look at the journey of the Soul, we can see some aspects of the journey that can help us get our bearings. Get a clearer understanding of “where we are going.” You might say we start the journey out as Soul. Living by the wisdom of our Soul, in the sense that the ego doesn’t have much say or sway in our psyche. You might say that the journey into the shadow or darkness, is the shifting of our Soul consciousness, into  our ego. In other words, if you were to keep track of all your thoughts, day by day, what percent would you say is coming from your ego? And what percentage is coming from your Soul?

Perhaps the journey into the shadow, is the journey into our egos.

The ego, by design, was not intended to be the master. Yet, the vast majority of our human dialogue is from our egos. It would seem that there was an infiltration of our consciousness by our ego, that perhaps was the journey into the shadow itself. Since our ego is all about what is happening “out there.” Our egos are symbol processors. We assign symbols to “things” and then we do something even more powerful, we assign value to those symbols.

A symbol is never the thing itself. A symbol is a representation of a thing.

I can write the word “food” on a piece of paper. And the symbol “food” represents that which you can eat. But that piece of paper will not cure your hunger. It is not the food itself.

Our Soul is a non-linear aspect of ourselves. Our Soul is far too vast for our egos to even comprehend. Our Souls, as mentioned in last week’s blog, have a completely different relationship to time and space. Our Souls know what will happen, before it actually happens. No Soul is ever “caught off guard” by the death of their human persona. The Soul can see everything coming. Our egos, on the other hand, base choices on our past. What has “worked” in our past? Our egos want to know the outcome of our choices, before we make those choices. By having preferences of choices that will give us familiar outcomes, we tend to play things “safe” by choosing what we know will give us a predictable outcome. This creates a momentum of choices. And likewise, a momentum of outcomes. Rendering us in a bit of a mental rut.

Our normal went out the window. The “normal” life of perhaps 2019 is gone. The old normal will not be back. And we have a vast void. The void that was left when our old normal got dismantled by 2020.

Our egos can want to “go back” to what it knew. It might want to get back to the “familiar.” But the new normal, if we were to choose it for ourselves, is more about our Souls, than perhaps the preferences of our egos.

The Divine idea of the human persona is where the Soul is driving. Where the Soul decide what is acted upon all throughout our days. A “healthy” ego does not decide the direction of our life. But is rather transparent in the moment. In other words, the ego is not weighing choices, based on our past. It is listening, moment to moment, to the guidance of the Soul. The Hand in the Glove is what moves the glove. The Soul in the human, is what guides the (awakened) human.

To “make room” in our ego is critical if we are to completely reconnect our egos to our Soul. To “make room” refers to cleaning up our thoughts. Our soul is anchored in truth. In knowingness. And will not take on fear, doubt, judgment, shame, guilt or any other ego narrative. In order to re-connect our ego and our Soul is to get the ego compatible with our Soul. Love, trust, joy, happiness, creativity and such are the realm of the Soul. But those thoughts cannot exist in an ego-dominated persona. We empty the incongruent thoughts, feelings and beliefs that prevent the Soul from “descending” back into our human persona. If the ego ignores the Soul for too long, the Soul then has no choice but to get the cosmic two-by-four out, and crack our lives open. We have a tragedy in our life, by our Soul’s choice, to break us out of our ego’s slumber. A Divine wake-up call.

The gift of all of this, is that the ego is off the hook. In other words, we stress out when we try to live our lives from our egos alone. When we realize that the ego was never designed to run things in a Divine manner, the ego is off the hook as far as needing to “figure things out.” Since our egos need a normal, to guide them, the 2020 era shattered the ego’s patterns of “safety.” Our egos have no normal to make decisions by anymore. The future seems so unsure. So up in the air. That our egos are a bit numb and overwhelmed by “what we should do.” Our egos can’t “see” the future, or many of the infinite possibilities of what we could create for ourselves. But our Souls have a vision for the future. Our Souls saw all of this coming, before we were even born. and have held a vision of what the New Earth can look like. What the New Human would look like. It is up to our egos to let go. To make some room in our day-to-day thoughts. To allow the wisdom of our Souls to show up, more and more, in our everyday thoughts, choices and actions. The New Earth is populated by New Humans. New Human Living. Soul-level living. Heaven on Earth.

We have a most beautiful future ahead of us. It is there for our creation.

Love will show us the way.

Love You!



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