Let’s do the Time Warp (again)

It’s Just a Jump to the Left …

There is a curious thing about a hologram. There is no where to go. And there is no when to go. Well, kind of.

Sure, you are “where you are.” When we think of our spiritual “journey,” we are going … going to the promised land. To the Big E (Enlightenment). To Heaven. To Nirvana. Get out the map.

In the quantum realm, there is no time. There is no (other) place. It is a singularity of sorts. Your consciousness now, is a single step away from any where else. From any when else. In other words … there is no “place” or “time” to go. Sort of.

Sure, you are “here” now. A bit of mental aerobics, really.

But the point is, you can tap, or access, all the other points in the hologram from right where you are right now. So let’s play with this a bit.

Lets’ take ourselves into the future. Perhaps five years or so. That “You” that is living there now, is energetically available to you, living in this now. This is an example of where we are propagating time. But there are other modalities we can “propagate” too. Like archetypes. There are all of your archetypes here now. Archetypes that you have lived, or will live, that exist in this hologram of all that is. Quantumly, they are right here, right now. It is a bit of a mind bend. But there is value to be harvested by this attribute of “all that is or ever will be” being accessible to you now.

If you think of “in the beginning,” all of creation existed in the Word. Without form. Without dimensions of space or time. “Time” as a linear experience, wouldn’t come about until we descended into the denser realms of reality. Have you ever had a dream, that actually happened later on? Or a sense of what would happen? Isn’t that a bit of time travel?

On 9/11, many people didn’t go to work that day, because of something that came up. They missed their flight the night before and were stranded in another town. They missed the train, and arrived after the chaos had started. Their higher self, living in non-linear time, knew of what was to be.

There is a video that I really like. A nurse shares an NDE experience. You can watch it here. (25 minutes)

Listen about how she talks about time. How time is a completely different thing in the higher realms. And how she traverses time and space. The back seat of her sister’s car (traversing space). When she is in the bleachers/playing soccer … (traversing time). “Good” is forward motion.

The life you are experiencing now is an energetic reflection of your energy now. Forgiveness is the release of energy. Growth is the evolving of your energy. And the Divine hologram can give you energetic samples of what you want, to show you what that would feel like. For example, there are archetypal realms of you as a noble high priest or priestess (you have probably been/will be both) that are energetically available to “sample.” You can tune in to those realms now, and feel the energy behind the experience. That energetic sample can show you the difference of your energy now, and what your energy would feel like had you already arrived at the desired realm (high priest/priestess).

By becoming more and more fluent with how things feel, energetically, you can start to be more mindful of what energy you take on. What energy you hold onto. And what energies you really prefer. As you start to manage your energetic experiences more and more, you can get quite good at navigating the energy of each moment. And by doing that, you can make it a much more intentional journey. Where what you might have chosen in the past, when you didn’t care about or be mindful of energy, would have added energy to your personal energy persona that didn’t serve you. And delayed the healing of your condition.

Energy work is the mindful sculpting of your own personal energy persona. There are moments of your past, in this lifetime, that were the most joyful and happy days of your life so far. You can tune into those, and use it as a reference to cleanse incongruent energy out of you now. As you become more experienced with energy, you can get quite good at generating energy, from scratch, in the moment, that can steer your experiences as you move through your life. This is what mastery can look like.

Heaven on Earth exists to be sampled here and now. When you embody that energy, you will have brought Heaven back to Earth.

Love You!



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