Pray to a BIG God

Don’t hang with the lesser gods.

I pray to a Big God, because I kneel in a Big Church. ~ Peter Gabriel

With some simple math, it could be easily estimated that billions of prayers have been prayed, to the BIG Guy, to end the suffering on this planet. And no God shows up. No glowing Orb descends from the Heavens. No Deity waves a magic wand. No Savior(s) to save us.

Well then … what the hell am I praying for, if there will be no “saving?”

I guess you could climb the highest mountain, stick out your thumb, and hitch a ride from a passing UFO.

There is a path to salvation.

We have a regulator of sorts. We were not designed that way, but nonetheless, there is a regulator of sorts. When I say regulator, I mean something that regulates us. Or perhaps, a more accurate term would be restricts us.

That would be our egos.

We can live, laugh and love at an entirely different level than we do now. And that would be at the Soul level. Our Souls are a non-linear, multi-dimensional aspect of ourselves. The vision of our Soul, of what our life could be, is beyond the ability of our ego to even comprehend. There are infinite outcomes of what our life could be. Infinite. But our egos are fond of the predictable. Our egos want to know what the outcome of our choices will be, before we even make them. Our egos weigh choices, based on patterns of the past, and choose the “safe” choices. Our egos are like a glove. And our Souls are the hand within the glove.

Our Souls can “see” into the future. Our Souls saw 2020 coming long before it actually arrived.

Yet, our egos are anchored in the 3D “reality.”

Do you feel brave? Really? Do you?

Pray this prayer …

Divine Mother, Divine Father … please show me how I can be an even bigger vessel of compassion for humanity.

… and then pay attention. You will be shown whole new narratives of what your life might be. And the untrained ego will discount all of them. But if we capture the inspirations, by writing them down, by journaling the inspirations of the Divine … then they are anchored in the physical by ink on paper.

Your ego will want to know how it will come to be. But to set the whole journey, at the start of the journey, is to completely disable the raw power of the non-linear. Our Souls, by their very nature, can zig and zag all along the way. And that is a very powerful thing. Our egos tend to hate the zig and zag notion of going through life. And we suffer because of that. The rigid nature of our ego is part of the source of suffering.

Open up your consciousness. Meditation is a great way to do this. Silence the chatter of the ego, and listen. Ask for what you want. Pray for what you want … and then listen. Prayers are answered through flesh and bones. Through our human BEings. Through you and me.

We are given fierce free will. And the most powerful outcome of a fierce free will, is to follow our own Divine guidance.

God is looking for Dreamers. Inquire within (you).

Dream a little Dream with me?

Love You!



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