Where is Your path to Nirvana?

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

A nuclear ka-boom.

Where is your path to the promised land? Where will you find what you are looking for? Where will you be when you “get there?”

We all have a “normal” of sorts. Even if it is uncomfortable. Perhaps, within our own normal, we have chronic pain. Or an emotional tempest within us. But if you wipe off the descriptions of what your normal feels like … there is a baseline of sorts. A “density” of sorts. A “viscosity” of sorts.

But what about the ka-boom?

There is so much power in the nuclear arena. A softball size of nuclear material has a tremendous amount of energy or power. So, imagine with me a bit. When that power is released, it e-x-p-a-n-d-s very rapidly. And then eventually normalizes itself.

So, let’s reverse that process. Let’s take a huge expanded space, that is very large. And let’s compress it. Harder and harder … until we get to a softball size, and imagine it “snapping” into a stable form called matter. That vast space has become “dense.” And, if released, it would expand back into the expanse of space again.

Pretty Simple.

So too, you have an expanded Self. A Divine Self. A very Power-full Self. But that Self is not here… well, kind of.

We lose our power when we “separate” or “divide” ourselves. You could think of it as fragmenting ourselves. We do this with posturing and judgment. When we posture with how we feel, we create a “standing wave” of energy. A standing wave of energy is an energy that is relatively unchanging. For example, an angry person. The “anger” is a standing wave of energy within them. It is “always there.” Well, not always. There was a time, in the journey of that Soul, where there wasn’t any “anger” energy within the personal energy persona. And something happened. The person felt anger well up in them … and they didn’t allow themselves to feel it all. They postured with the feeling(s). Pushing them down, to avoid the feeling(s). And thus, the standing wave of feeling(s) were born.

If the tendency of not wanting to feel that particular emotion(s) become an ongoing preference, then a habit would be formed. That habit, of avoiding the feeling(s), would tend to accumulate the emotions that would have been felt and thus released in the moment, had the posturing never started. The habit of posturing with our feeling turns us into emotional energy harvesters. Storing more and more emotional energy within us as we go about our day. When we do not posture with what is happening, and we feel all of the emotions of the moment, we do not accumulate karma. But when we posture, we do accumulate karma.

Fast forward some time, like perhaps hundreds of lifetimes, and now we have you and me.

You don’t get to live on a planet where a karmic tsunami is playing out, unless you resonate with it on some level. That standing energy within your personal energy persona is the karmic energy that “qualified” you to be here now. Kind of like a skilled sailor taking on a storm.

The standing wave(s) of karma in our psyche, is the density of our own consciousness, from our past. That density is energy. The energy of the emotions we would have felt, but decided on some level to suppress, thus increased the amount of emotional energy within our own personal energy persona.


Well, not all at once. But what will return us to the “promised land” is the release of our emotional energy that we are holding within us now. The journey (back) to heaven is the journey through the standing waves of energy within our own psyche. You can think of the unresolved energy within us as a fuel, and our real-time (now) consciousness as the flame. You “burn off” the standing energy (karma) within you by feeling it within your consciousness now.

It can seem daunting at first, but that is because you don’t have (much) experience actually feeling the emotions that you have been avoiding. When you first start changing you re-actions to your feelings, and staying present while they flow out of you as you feel them, then they don’t seem as intimidating. And over time, by allowing yourself some experience with feeling them, you will find there is very valuable information held within your emotional feelings of the moment. Kind of like an internal GPS. Showing us where the path back to Heaven is. The path is back through the standing energy within us now. As you cleanse and purge this energy, you become lighter. Keep that up, and you will be IN-light-ened. Remember Jesus taking his friends over to the side, and he turned his persona into a glowing orb of light? Pure Authentic You!

Love You

Les (karma) More Light


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