When the Levee breaks …

We need change to fix the “normal”

If normal means more of the same 
Perhaps, the opposite of “normal” … is change.

The winds of change are blowing.

There is a lot of news and information that I watch, that I never comment on. I have worked in Broadcast TV a long time. I did the math the other day … I started in TV 40 years ago. Broadcast TV fell into the proverbial chasm a long time ago. The wheels fell off. The cart tipped over. And it only got worse.

Our collective “narrative” will be changing quite a bit over the next months and years. There is so much critical information about what has been happening, over the last many decades and even longer, that has never seen the light of day. When that levee of information breaks …

You chose to be here now. Your Soul saw all this coming, before you were even born, and chose your place in it all. Where you are now, is intentional. Not, perhaps, from your ego’s perspective. But from your Soul’s perspective, this is really pay dirt. Pay dirt in the sense of an immense opportunity to experience some of the most exceptional years, perhaps, to ever happen on the planet. And here you are. For the Greatest Show on Earth.

The thing is … that many of our normals will be changing. And that is a really good thing. Really good. But how fast that happens, is up to us. We are all experiencing huge “pyramid” structures that are crushing our choices. Gas prices, food prices/shortages, inflation, and even the wrestling over the collective narrative. Huge media outlets, billion-dollar broadcasting networks/companies, where I have worked for my whole career, are losing their grip. Thank God.

What is stronger than a huge pyramid? As far as resilience? How about a honeycomb? Local. Local cells of everything we need. Very similar to the 1940’s. You never cared what happened on the other side of the earth, because everything you needed, the essentials, all came from nearby. Local farms for local food. Local manufacturing for local needs. I am not saying international trade will vanish, but we owe it to ourselves to make ourselves more resilient. Very much more resilient. We are easily exploited when we operate under huge pyramids. Take for example gasoline. The big oil companies are charting huge profits, when the price per barrel hasn’t changed that much, but our prices have. How can we have any say in how we get our gas, when none of us can convert crude oil to gas? We could have the crude resource, crude oil, and still be screwed. Because we are not self-reliant. When it comes to gas, we can’t (locally) take care of ourselves. If we have no choice, we have no power. It serves us to fix that.

No Choice, No Power.
More Choices, More Power.

I avoid sharing my views, because Your views are the ones that count … for You.

As we see the levee break, you will see information that shows just how much in the dark the masses have been kept. WTF?

What to do? What would serve you, locally? What would make us more resilient … locally? What would solve the problem(s) locally? The sooner we implement those kinds of solutions, the sooner the “storm” of change will subside. No matter how long THAT takes, that is what I prefer.

Finally … remember. You are safe. You are a timeless Soul, having a human experience. The continuity of your Soul is assured. You, the BIG you, will survive any human intentions. If you only identify as your ego, that is where you will have the toughest times ahead.

Love You!



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