Who do You think You are?

There is no measuring stick

We live in a world of symbols and definitions.

What is that? That is a table. “Table” is a string of common symbols that have nothing to do with the actual table. Well, except if you use that particular string of common symbols, well then, we know what you are talking about.

Who are You?

The “who” that would have answered this question, didn’t exist the day you were born. In other words, the “who” that would have answered this question is your ego. Yet, the day you were born, you didn’t have an ego (to speak of).

Think of your ego when you were, perhaps, 10 years old. Who were you “then?” Fast forward a decade or so, and who were you then? Probably quite different answers. Yet, here “You” are. Fast forward, from this day, perhaps a decade. Who will you be then? Is it a rigid answer? Is it decided already? Or is it, perhaps, the most lucid aspect of you? To think of who you will be in a decade, perhaps consider …

What if, today, you … joined the Army, went back to school, took music lessons, got married, got a divorce, joined a convent, wrote a book, had a sex change, moved to another country … you get the idea.

The thing is … is that you are never done, unless you quit growing. Unless your ego gets (too) comfortable. There is a thing about growth, that is inherent in our consciousness. Our Higher Self or Soul, however you want to think of it, never runs out of potentials. Ever. Your Soul is the most natural part of you. Your Soul chose a life purpose for this life, and the last life, and will for your next life. Your Soul was always involved, whether you had an ego or not. Your Soul is the most fundamental part of You. Yet, once we grow an ego, we move in. We move “into” an identity. We create a sense of self. An identity. A rigid mental identity that really doesn’t serve us. Yet, the Soul, that fundamental part of you, is never a single sense of self.

There is a bit of blasphemy to claiming a rigid sense of self. Our ego can want to be known as this or that. I am … a father, a TV engineer, an author, a visionary, a …

Sure, that can help people understand you, but it isn’t the truth of you. Not the “final” truth of you. We can think of ourselves as this or that. But that rigid sense of self can actually pin us down. In a mental “cage” of sorts. Our Soul can have many choices for how our life could go. But if we have built a rigid sense of self, we can become very difficult to “grow.” When my Soul told me to write a book, my ego argued with the idea. “I am not a writer.” The mental constructs I had formed about myself made me “incompatible” with the inspiration of my Soul. Thank God I was able to mutate my sense of self to entertain, and eventually embody, the notion that I am a writer. (Here I am writing ;- ).

Your age is none of your business. Who you become over the next decade has hundreds, if not thousands, of possibilities … many of which your ego would find very exciting and adventurous. You can have a most incredible life, as seen from your current ego, if, IF, you can let go of who you “think” you are.

Your Soul always has more inspiration for you, if you are up for it.

Love You!



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