Your Karma isn’t personal. Don’t take it that way.

Who are your teachers today?

My boss was a malicious, and perhaps even evil, man. And he was my angel. He was, perhaps, one of my most important soul contracts in this lifetime. He put me on a shrink’s couch. He cracked me open.

It wasn’t what he did TO me, as much as it was what he stirred up within me. I had a lot of anger in my subconscious. And I had no idea that it was there. None. He would stir that up, my anger, and I would go home every day feeling “upset.” Well, what was “upset?” It was my anger. My anger, had it not been upset over and over again, might have slowly pinched the life out of me.

My body was shutting down. I had digestive tract issues for over a decade. And I was starting to show the signs of ulcers too. As I was accumulating more and more anger into my personal energy persona, that anger was taxing my body. It was drowning my energy. All completely out of “sight” of my conscious mind. I had no idea that what was tanking my health was my anger. Anger I didn’t think I had.

Thank God that malicious man came along and belittled me every day. Thank God he was so petty and mean to me. Thank God he came into my life, on an every workday basis, and pushed my buttons. Triggered MY anger. I could have moved away. Got out of that “difficult” job. That toxic work environment. And moved somewhere else. And started all over again.

But I didn’t. I worked for that man for over a decade. And that put me on the couch. That put me in a shrink’s office. And THAT is where the cosmic two-by-four cracked me … open. Changing my life forever.

Once I was able to release my anger, at least a large portion of it, I fell off his radar. He lost interest in me. He, perhaps subconsciously, was interested in people he could control, by pushing their buttons. They had to have unresolved emotional energy stored in their subconscious in order for his tactics to work. I am pretty sure he used anger to help keep his “world” safe. By keeping everyone around him re-active, that kept his anger in the “dominant” stance.

So, who is pushing your buttons? They are your teacher(s). Showing you unresolved aspects of yourself. Take the time to notice how you feel around them. Pay attention to what emotions get stirred up when you are around them. They have a gift for you. The gift of freedom if you can learn what they are there to teach you. They are an impersonal trigger, of what you have stored within your psyche. If you leave them, a new impersonal teacher will take their place. Don’t leave the lessons. Learn them right where you are.

Love You!



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