Filling the Void

What will go in its place?

Do you remember a wonderful time in your life? Perhaps it was a wonderful past relationship? Or maybe a challenging job that you loved?

And then something changed. There was a loss of sorts. Where that wonderful situation ended. For whatever reason. Leaving a void in its place. Like how the 2020 karmic tsunami changed everything. We might have been living high on the hog in 2019 … but then something happened.

We can have a longing to return to that time, that circumstance, that was so nice. We can have a longing within us for a repeat performance. I want THAT again. But Nature, by its very nature, doesn’t copy itself. At least, not on purpose. There is nothing wrong to want whatever you want. But we can come up short, not because of what has happened, but how we can judge what we have, by what we had. In other words, we can find a new relationship, but it isn’t as “good” as the one we are so fond of. We can weigh the “value” of what is right in front of us, based on something from our past.

The smaller the “target” for getting what we think we want, excludes so many other possibilities. In other words, if we are measuring how “well” we are doing in getting what we want, by a very specific criteria, then many opportunities, that might bring us even more joy than our measuring stick, are discarded because they don’t look like what we had.

Consciousness loves creating something new. New. Not like the past.

There is a thin line here, and I am trying to walk that line. ;- )

If your Soul is showing you a very specific thing, then there it is. But if your ego is wanting a very specific “clone” or “replica” of a past situation, well, that is a bit different. You can miss out on things that would have more than fulfilled the feeling that you were wanting to have. Our Souls can bring about conditions from what our ego would have never considered as viable. Our Soul can bring about the feelings we are wanting to have, but from a very unexpected realm of possibilities.

Part of the dance between our ego and our soul is, I suggest, to let go. And, perhaps, get into the playful mindset. When we have that openness, that untethered curiosity of a child, we can see things that our disciplined ego might not ever see. We can find experiences that our more disciplined mind might not ever consider. To set aside what we think we want, and be open to a much bigger picture of what might be, gives our soul many more opportunities to feed us fantastic experiences.

Have you stopped playing? Just playing for playing sake? Without agenda or motive? There is something that happens when we lighten up. When we open up. When we engage in activities that get us excited in new ways. Your future does not need to look (anything) like your past to give you the feelings that you are looking for. The more open you are to how that actually looks, affords you more opportunities to make it happen. Play around with play. And see if new things inspire you.

Love You!



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