standing wave


Where is Your path to Nirvana? Follow the Yellow Brick Road A nuclear ka-boom. Where is your path to the promised land? Where will you find what you are looking for? Where will you be when you “get there?” We all have a “normal” of sorts. Even if it is uncomfortable. Perhaps, within our own normal, we have chronic pain. Or an emotional tempest within us. But if you wipe off the descriptions of what your normal feels like … there is a baseline of sorts. A “density” of sorts. A “viscosity” of sorts. But what about the ka-boom? There is so much power in the nuclear arena. A softball size of nuclear material has a tremendous amount of energy or power. So, imagine with me a bit. When that power is released, it e-x-p-a-n-d-s very rapidly. And then eventually normalizes itself. So, let’s reverse that process. Let’s take a…