infinite outcomes


Pray to a BIG God Don’t hang with the lesser gods. I pray to a Big God, because I kneel in a Big Church. ~ Peter Gabriel With some simple math, it could be easily estimated that billions of prayers have been prayed, to the BIG Guy, to end the suffering on this planet. And no God shows up. No glowing Orb descends from the Heavens. No Deity waves a magic wand. No Savior(s) to save us. Well then … what the hell am I praying for, if there will be no “saving?” I guess you could climb the highest mountain, stick out your thumb, and hitch a ride from a passing UFO. There is a path to salvation. We have a regulator of sorts. We were not designed that way, but nonetheless, there is a regulator of sorts. When I say regulator, I mean something that regulates us. Or…