time travel


Let’s do the Time Warp (again) It’s Just a Jump to the Left … There is a curious thing about a hologram. There is no where to go. And there is no when to go. Well, kind of. Sure, you are “where you are.” When we think of our spiritual “journey,” we are going … going to the promised land. To the Big E (Enlightenment). To Heaven. To Nirvana. Get out the map. In the quantum realm, there is no time. There is no (other) place. It is a singularity of sorts. Your consciousness now, is a single step away from any where else. From any when else. In other words … there is no “place” or “time” to go. Sort of. Sure, you are “here” now. A bit of mental aerobics, really. But the point is, you can tap, or access, all the other points in the hologram from…