Revealing Your Divine Potential

As an infinite BEing … What’s possible for YOU?

What would heaven look like for you? What would your life look like, if you had the power to create whatever you wanted? Certainly this can seem like wishful thinking. Kind of a mantra of self-help gurus. But yet … here we are.

For so many of us, we can find that the journey isn’t much different day in and day out. It seems like you can do daily affirmations without end, and yet … here we are. What gives? Where is the sweet spot? When does it all turn around?

What I really like about being the host of the New Human Living radio show is that I have interviewed hundreds of guests, from pretty much every modality there is. I just love bringing guests on the show and really drilling down into the core of their message. And the bigger view that develops over time.

And then there are the ascended masters. The “Big Guns” when it comes to describing the mechanics of creation and awakening. BEings like Kryon, Bashar and Abraham. All madly in Love with us and our human condition. All channelled through a human being living here and now.

I think the perspective that can give us the best boost or the most hope is the vast range of our own Divine potentials. What I mean by that is … You (and I) are Divinity itself. The Father and I are One … now. The Light that was there in the beginning of all of creation is inside of you now. All souls return to Heaven (pure Light). The range of power is spread over the entire spectrum of our human condition. In other words, the many, many layers of potentials between an untethered God and a homeless person living on the streets have countless layers of creative potentials. And your sou’ls journey is perhaps through all of them.

So where are you right now? How is your ability to create a new paradigm for yourself? How encouraged do you feel about your condition? How is your ability to create a new experience in your life?

There are a few key factors that determine your ability to create. One is your karma. That energy that is stored in your subconscious. That vibrational energy that determines the caliber of people and experiences that you are attracting to you. Unchecked, it will decide the type of people you … work for, marry, hang out with, etc. It will dictate your karmic connection with the collective storyline. If you have a lot of unresolved karmic energy in your subconscious, you will re-act to most anything negative that you come in contact with. After all … being “upset” is YOUR energy being upset. No (subconscious) energy … no ability to be upset. So the unresolved energy in you dictates the course and pacing of your journey.

And then there is your resolve. Are you motivated? Do you actually have practices that you perform on a regular basis? Do you meditate to flush out subconscious thoughts, beliefs and attitudes? Or do you perhaps practice the Conscious Body Scan to cleanse your inner chi of unresolved emotions? Do you contemplate your Divinity? Does your ego actually BELIEVE that you are Divinity incarnate? With all the entitlements that that brings? Yes, it IS Gods’ good pleasure to GIVE you the kingdom of Heaven today.

Worry not. You are safe. You have all of time to make your journey. Appreciate where you are today. Love the karmic lessons that are before you now. They were chosen by your soul to give your human self a chance to grow who you think you are, IF you have set an intention to grow.  And if you participate in regular practices, then you are changing. You are growing. It will only get easier and easier. As you restore your Divinity, everything in your Divine escrow will be given to you. EnJoy the journey, every step of it. You can experience Joy every day of your life … as you rediscover your ability to create whatever you wish.

Love You!



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