Love… the Feeling

Opening to the Feeling of Love

We are living in the most advanced classroom of Love. How to Love within the storm of karma. There is a common story in the journey of souls. If we take a big step back, and then perhaps another step back, we can see a common storyline playing out. Souls incarnating into a collective story. A momentum if you will. The storyline that is playing out on this planet right now.

You, as a soul, chose to come here. Chose to participate in THIS storyline. Your soul chose a life path. A template of possibilities for you in this lifetime. And then you were born. You started off without an ego. The family of origin your soul chose, set you up. Your family dynamics of your earliest years set up the karmic imprinting that would serve as your life lessons in this lifetime here and now.

What are your core lessons? What did your family model for you? Who did your parents assign importance to? Who could have knocked on your door, spoken to your folks, that would have made your family make a change. To move to another city perhaps. Or change jobs perhaps. Or even careers? Was it the church? A priest, pope, prophet or pastor who told your folks that this or that had to be done? Or was it your dad’s employer? The government? Was it grandparents? Whoever held that sense of power with your family stood behind the model of power in your family understanding.

But what about you? Do you not have God-essence in you now? The Father and I are One… now. The kingdom of heaven is WITHIN you now. The old model had us attending church so that others can tell us what God wants of us. To interpret God through the mind/ego of another human being is folly at best. And make no mistake, billions of people have died at the hand of God-worship. The mythology of religions battling with other religions has filled our history books for aeons of time. Stop. Time Out.

It is time for a new paradigm. It is time for a new model. A new understanding of Divinity and how we are to interface with it as individuals. Perhaps the journey is within us. For you to find the heaven within you. For you to find the brilliant Light of the Divine at the core of your BEing right now.

It is as if you are rewinding the totality of our human mythology back to Source-consciousness. Back to the Light that was there in the beginning, in the holographic model of Divine consciousness, which would be part of this moment. In other words, you are Source-consciousness incarnate right now. As such, you can bring a new storyline into our collective mythology. And the Power Players who can do that, will shift the course of all of humanity.

Love is the cure. Love is the only truth that exists in all of creation. In the beginning was the Light (of Love). And from that, everything else was created. You can be the vessel of Love. And the really cool thing about Love is that it has no burden. You can decide how you want to Love. You can decide the platform of Love. Is it teaching music? Hosting a preschool? Writing books? Love can heal through ANY intentions. Love is behind every face you see. Love is the consciousness behind every archetype. Even the villain would not exist without the consciousness of the creator behind it. Look past the illusion of story. Look past the language of fear. We are living in a gigantic play. A gigantic stage. And all fear has no power of its own. It is only awaiting someone to see past it for what it is. A karmic school of Loving.

Take the time to feel the feeling of Love. What do you love? The smell of coffee in the morning? A beautiful sunrise? Perhaps the melody of your favorite song? The feeling of a cool evening breeze? Practice the feeling of Love. Over and over. So that you may be able to see past the story of fear. That you may be a portal of Loving feelings, thoughts and actions. Which is the cure itself. Start with yourself. Love You!

Love You!



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