Happy Heart Happy Life

Creating the life (where) you Love

Are you satisfied? Are you fulfilled? Are you jumping-on-the-bed happy?

You are here to find Heaven on Earth. Well, not ON (the) Earth. But rather, within you now.

Through your loving, all opposites unite. We all have our shadow-side. That unresolved aspect of our past. All the dormant energy within our own subconscious. All the energy that the law of attraction is responding to. Drawing to us a mirror of ourselves. Creating a karmic momentum of sorts.

Our mind can find a very “normal” aspect to our lives. Where we find ourselves expecting … more of the same.

But there is nothing “normal” about Love. Love will gladly kick your ass. In a very good way.

Can you open up to Love just a little bit more today? Starting with yourself? What do you imagine your life could be? Is there an image or dream that gets your ego excited? Do you even allow your ego to get excited? Or is there the expectancy of … just another normal day.

Your soul has some skin in the game too. Your soul had a vision for your life before you were even conceived. Your soul had a vision of what IS possible for your life. And if your ego is ignoring that, then the tendency is to live a “normal” life.

We are living in THE most incredible lifetime there is. Not the next lifetime. THIS lifetime. The collective consciousness is rising. And Love feels the most spectacular when there is a contrast of consciousness. For it is when you can embody Love while you are standing IN THE DARKNESS … that your heart goes jumping for joy. Bringing the feeling of Love to others, when they cannot find it for themselves … is a feeling that never grows old. In fact … it e-x-p-a-n-d-s your ability to Love. To Love even bigger.

Start with yourself. Teach your ego to Love allowing Love. There is a release that happens. Burning off the fear of the past. Forgiving all of your past Lovers. To see past the past, and envision the potentials of the future. Living the life you Love. How big can you dream? Take the time to dream your BEST dream and use that as the starting goal of your life. And as you open to Love, your potential will expand, and an even bigger dream will come flowing out of your heart. A most happy heart.

Love You!



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