All Of Your Desires Are Held In Your Divine Escrow

Everything You desire shall come to pass

Do you know who you are? Do you really know who you are?

Your soul is timeless. Timeless. Think about that for just a second. For just a second or a few trillion seconds. Hell, take a few eons.

It can seem like we, as human beings, are living in a fixed-pace life. This cycle of waking up, getting about our day, and retiring when night falls. Perhaps yesterday wasn’t much different than today … a well-defined cycle of living. Where are we going? Are we there yet? How can we tell when we have arrived? Where ARE we going?

When we think about living as a human being on THIS planet … we can feel as if we are at the circus. When we see the collective culture go through another circus act we might think we signed up for the wrong lifetime. But I suggest to you that You are living a most exceptional lifetime. When you can recognize the scale of human consciousness, and if you are reading this newsletter, you are interested in raising your own consciousness.

Well, human consciousness is logarithmic. Your power goes up exponentially. Like the scale they measure earthquakes with. A level 6 , 7 and 8 are totally different magnitudes. Your consciousness is no different. When you raise your consciousness, you enter a whole new realm of perception. You can see EVERYTHING in a new way, and that affords new opportunities too. For You.

Enter Love. There is a threshold of sorts. And it comes from learning to Love yourself. Without condition.Then God shows up. The BIG God. And she whispers in your ear a dream for Your life. A dream that makes your ego giddy with Joy. Excitement. Wonder. You get to show up for God. As God. Where there is no vibrational difference between your innermost self, which you have brought out into your flesh and bones. Where there is no thought contrary to the Divine idea of what your life could be. Where the big God idea of your life is front and center in your everyday intentions, thoughts and actions.

Through your (unconditional) loving, all opposites unite. All obstacles dissolve in your presence. And everything in your Divine escrow … manifests in this lifetime now.

Best buy some chaps and gloves and saddle up. This will be the most Divine ride of all your lifetimes. How cool is that!

Love You!



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