The Winds of Change are Blowing

Time to adjust the sails

What a time to be alive, eh? I know not everyone sees these times as a “positive.”

There has been so much change over the last few years. And with it has come many struggles and challenges of all sorts. How is it that we can navigate so much change, and still come out with our sanity? It might depend on “You.”

Who are “You?” I know it is a simple question, but the “You” I am referring to is who you know yourself to be. In other words, if I were to ask you to list who you were, in a list of titles, what would you write? You might write … I am an engineer, husband, father, spiritual author, etc. The more I am “vested” in those labels, the more “pain” I will feel if those aspects of myself take on a new dynamic. We can get a sense of self, through our lives.

Another example, “I am the top-selling real estate agent in my office.” Imagine a pride of sorts, wrapped up in that. Pride, in and of itself, is not good or bad. But the emotional attachment to it is where the “suffering” comes in. If I see my “worth” as being the top agent, and the market crashes, where is my sense of self? Is my self-worth crashed too? Was it the Buddha who said all suffering comes from (our) attachment(s)?

Everything happens energetically first. In other words, your Soul knows what will happen next week and next month. How many people “missed” showing up for work the morning of 9/11? And lived because of it. They “missed” their regular train. They “missed” their flight the night before. They didn’t “miss” anything. They weren’t supposed to participate in the events that fateful morning.

There is a massive amount of change coming, and you have a role in it all. Your soul has your back. It might seem like things are falling apart. It might seem like the future is falling apart. But in order for the future that we want to happen, all the incongruent elements of our human narrative need to be exposed and “corrected.” Never, ever, has some Divine Deity descended from the heavens and erased some core element in our collective demeanor. It doesn’t work that way.

We, as creators incarnate, must correct our own narrative. And we can’t heal what we can’t feel. If there is a multi-billion-dollar human trafficking business on the planet, and we want to evolve into Heaven on Earth, well, that would need to be exposed and cleansed from our collective narrative. That is just one example of dozens of incongruencies that will need to be revealed and healed. Collectively. The old normal is incompatible with our new future. Our souls saw this coming before we were even born. And your soul chose your role in it all then too.

For many of us, our life-purpose is likely to change. Certainly, what our collective narrative looks like will be changing too.

If your sense-of-self is free from attachment, you will weather the storm better than if you cling to the ways of the past, and cannot embrace the new.

Your soul has an infinite well of inspiration for you. There for you to tap, to help you navigate the changes that are coming our way. You are never stuck. Unless your head is in the sand.

Love You!



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