The “Value” of the Human Persona?

Sell me this “pen.”

Does it feel like you are living in a circus of sorts? Like there is a tug-of-war going on? So many people want control of the collective’s narrative. Not only the control of the collective, but that ultimately means you too. People want a “piece of you.” Could it be because you are the (Divine) Creator incarnate?

If what you put your attention on … expands, then what I can get you to put your attention on … would expand too. What I get you to put your attention on (I am playing the role of the villain in this example) is more likely to be part of our future. In other words, mass communications become a virtual “mass consciousness” of creation. Oftentimes without the participants realizing it.

~ Florence Scovel Shinn

But what if I can get a new narrative, that I thought of, anchored in your consciousness? (Again, me playing the villain). Then you become a manifestor, for my narrative. Steering your thoughts is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is actually much bigger than that. Because they (the real villains) want to create a singular mindset. Their singular mindset.

I am not telling you what to think. ;- ) As I have said many times … do whatever you want … forever. If you lose your sovereignty and dominion after reading my material … then I suck. Your sovereignty and dominion are priceless. Not to be surrendered to anyone. If you don’t have absolute sovereignty and dominion, how can you be authentic? How could you be in harmony with yourself? How could you embody your own Christ Consciousness (5D)?

OK, back to those that are trying to harvest your sovereignty and dominion.

There are several MAJOR narratives in the collective, that are false. That are being inserted in your narrative to serve the (evil) intents of others. That are not congruent with Nature. That are hijacking the Divine idea of creation for their own benefit.

The Divine idea of you has all of your attention on your own “inner-verse.” In other words, your own IN-spiration is your most authentic narrative. If your attention is on how another is managing their preferences, even the “bad guys,” then you are out of alignment with creation. Just as the villains are manipulating your inner narrative.

Daydream heaven.

What do you want life to look like? Whatever that is, anchor those thoughts in your head. And root out all other thoughts. Meditation is the tool for this. Otherwise your thoughts that are incongruent with your heaven are diluting your own power to create.

If humanity, all of us, focused our total attention on the wisdom of our own hearts, we would start to move as one consciousness. In harmony with nature. Very much like a flock of birds, flying as a mass consciousness, each following their own inner compass. Again, in harmony with nature.

Sell me this “pen.” Escalate the importance of this inert object, that I can extract artificial value out of it.

I guess what I am saying is it might serve you well to calibrate your BS detector. Because there is an even bigger push for your own inner narrative coming down the pike.

As you wish.

Love You!



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