Your Divine Human Blueprint

What shall You become?

In a way, we are a long way from “home.” But it isn’t that we are gone. We chose, as Souls, to “go for a trip.” And what a long strange trip it has been.

As I prepared for this week’s podcast, I recognized an aspect of the evolution of our consciousness. We have collectively been “living” with our awareness on the physical world. And that has served us very well. But I think there is a possible snag. I say snag, because we are never stuck. What I mean by snag could also be said as a karmic detour.

If we, as a collective, keep our attention and our sciences on the physical world, we will miss, perhaps, the Divine idea of BEing an evolved human being.

The Divine has you all set for quite the evolutionary journey. You already have 85 to 90 percent of your mind to develop. We only use a very small portion of our minds. The same applies to your DNA. The vast majority of your DNA has not been activated. These are arenas of vast growth. The Divine Human Blueprint doesn’t need any help. I find it laughable that we think we can improve on our human condition, by manipulating the “results” of the creation process. In other words, the place where the Divine intended us to have control/effect in the creation process is our own consciousness.

Everything happens energetically first. The very last thing to happen, in the process of creation, happens in the physical realm. The physical realm is the proverbial “tip of the whip.” And our consciousness, our etherical self, is the handle of the whip. Jesus could create (physical) matter out of thin air. He did this by using His consciousness (ethereal/ consciousness).

There is a push from science/technology, for the “improved” human. Improved through manipulating the atoms. In other words, the intent is to make changes to the physical realm to “improve” life. AI (artificial intelligence), computer implants, and genetically modified sciences are all based in the physical. (It is like trying to make God … with Legos. Those plastic toy building blocks.) I am not saying that everything that comes from this is “bad.” If they can create implants that allow the blind to see, or the deaf to hear, bravo. But in the big picture, the most elegant place to heal those aliments, is in consciousness alone.

We have already had many examples of what I am talking about on our New Human Living spiritual podcast. If you want a specific example, I suggest this episode. Supercharged Self-Healing with RJ Spina. Supercharged Self-Healing: A Revolutionary Guide to Access High-Frequency States of Consciousness That Rejuvenate and Repair. Supercharged Self-Healing is the new paradigm of self-healing. Listen here.

There is more than just our physical bodies that consciousness can have a decisive effect on. In other words, all of creation can be influenced by our consciousness. If you like books, I recommend these two books. The first is Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan. This is a quick read but a fantastic story. And the other is Anastasia by Vladimir Megré. Anastasia is the inspiration for what is called the Ringing Cedars Series. It is eight or nine books in a series. As I read the books in this series, it was my heart that valued the content the most.

I guess what my point is, if I need to make a point, is that we can evolve out of the physical, and shift our intent inside of us. I know we do this to some extent already. But it would serve us well to create academies and institutions, in the collective, that teach the consciousness techniques of creation. What we would call Alchemy. It is time to restore these types of educational institutions. Let us not go off on a tangent that is not grounded in the Divine Blueprint of the Human BEing’s design.

As you evolve, and raise your consciousness, you enter new octaves of effect. Where you have more sway in the creation process. As we elevate our consciousness, approaching the Christ Consciousness, the laws of physics let loose. Jesus walked on water. Jesus created food out of thin air. The evolution of (our) consciousness is totally an inside job.

Love You!



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