The “Value” of the Human Persona? Sell me this “pen.” Does it feel like you are living in a circus of sorts? Like there is a tug-of-war going on? So many people want control of the collective’s narrative. Not only the control of the collective, but that ultimately means you too. People want a “piece of you.” Could it be because you are the (Divine) Creator incarnate? If what you put your attention on … expands, then what I can get you to put your attention on … would expand too. What I get you to put your attention on (I am playing the role of the villain in this example) is more likely to be part of our future. In other words, mass communications become a virtual “mass consciousness” of creation. Oftentimes without the participants realizing it. “YOUR WORD IS YOUR WAND. THE WORDS YOU SPEAK CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY.” ~ Florence Scovel…