Resolving Your Past to Own Your Future

It’s all in your hands

There is a shift that happens within ourselves, when we choose to evolve. As we intend to grow ourselves spiritually. For many of us, the spiritual path wasn’t always in our life. For some, perhaps it was. But for many of us, we “found” our own innate desire to grow ourselves spiritually.

If you were to look over your life, you might notice key events, moments or people, who would end up significantly changing your life’s direction. Some for the “better” and some for the “worse.”

It is said that as we evolve our consciousness, we gradually take more and more responsibility for our life. Where we might have “blamed” the past for the reason we are where we are. For myself, I certainly had some very challenging situations in my life. One of these events, that ultimately changed my life forever, didn’t seem like such a thing at first. We, as a young family, had moved from Salt Lake City, Utah to Denver, Colorado in 1986. Our firstborn was only a few months old. I had gotten a new job at a local TV station. When we moved here, we didn’t know anyone. What I didn’t know at the time, was that my new boss would turn out to be a malicious man. He would belittle me and treat me like I was totally inadequate for the job. Even though I earned two Emmy nominations, invented dozens of devices to help make the station much more competitive, and even won a national engineering award, he was never “on my side.”

After a decade of this malicious daily belittling, I had ended up on a shrink’s couch. And it was there that my life was changed forever. I have shared many times the story of that fateful moment. In hindsight, that malicious boss was my angel. He was perhaps one of the most important soul contracts I had with another soul, at least how it related to my own spiritual evolvement.

The important thing here is my energy. My inner chi. I had attracted a karmic teacher to show me my energy. While I went through that decade of challenge, I had no idea that the tyrant in my life was actually a very important karmic reflection of my karmic teacher. In this example, it fixed itself. The tyrant, the teacher, had put me on the proverbial couch, where I had a very intense release of karmic energy. Once I had released a lot of my suppressed anger, I magically became invisible to him. It was very curious to me. His karmic stigma with the karma of anger, was the need to control the other person, to help himself keep his anger from becoming unmanageable. In other words, he would keep those people around him, with their own anger, stirred up. Which helped him feel safe with his own anger. His attention was focused on those people who had suppressed anger. Once I released a large amount of anger out of me, he was no longer interested in me. It was like I was no longer a threat to his anger. While I released the anger energy out of me, I become free from that dynamic. But he did not release his anger, and thus, stayed motivated to play out the manipulation of anger in his relationships.

Resolving (the karmic energy of) your past to own (the energetic composition of) your future.

The universe is an unbiased mirror. If there is energy within your subconscious, it will play out in some way, in your life experience. The anger within me attracted a like-kind of reflection. My wonderful karmic teacher, the tyrant.

I recently have worked through some very deep karmic energy from within my psyche. Forgiveness was the tool I used to liberate myself. Ever since that moment I released so much emotional energy that was lying dormant in my subconscious, I have moved towards (more) freedom in my life experiences. There is a lessening or perhaps a grace that comes into play in your life as you work through the various types of stuck karmic energy you are carrying around in your subconscious. If someone can trigger you, they are giving you a gift. They are bringing your subconscious energy into a conscious space. And you can’t heal it if you can’t feel it. So when they trigger you, they are giving you an opportunity to release, and thus heal, dormant karmic energy out of your psyche.

In our personal relationships, we do not have to have the other person change, to liberate ourselves. They do not have to apologize for us to be able to heal. Sure, they might move out of our life, but whether we heal or not is not their call … at all. And likewise, we cannot force others to change or heal. They are always free to choose, just as you are. But the liberation that comes from healing the dormant karmic energies within us, always changes our future for the better. When we release that dormant energy, we lighten up. Until we become enlightened. You could call it the reintegration of our soul.

Lighten up!

Love You!



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