Play the hand you have been dealt

Blossom where you are planted

I find it quite curious how some of the most powerful people I have interviewed have had some of the toughest life lessons. There is a notion that says our Soul chooses our life path, at least initially, before we incarnate. A theme, if you will, for our life. With, perhaps, a primary theme, and then, perhaps, multiple secondary themes. A primary theme might be to learn how to hold compassion for another. Or perhaps forgiveness. And then we are born.

The idea of free will, where we can choose to honor our life purpose, or we can choose to ignore it, is what decides what will actually happen.

When you hold space for others, there is something that happens you might not expect. I had hosted a men’s group for several years. It always amazed me what would come out of their mouths. Some of the hardships these men had been through blew my mind. They wouldn’t open up, not really, until they felt safe with you and the environment.

But I was caught totally off guard one day. I was driving down the road, minding my own business, when I got the phone call. “Tell me why I shouldn’t eat all these sleeping pills?” The voice on the other end of the line cracked. He was reaching out for a lifeline. ” … you could do that.” “You are a very powerful person.” “You could check out right now.” It was risky to be so blunt, but I didn’t want him to feel powerless to what happened in his life. “You could check out right now … but you will eventually get right back to this moment.” “You will re-incarnate with the same life lesson, and find yourself right back to a choice point just like the one before you now.” “Everything in your life, that has brought you to this point, will be re-lived out again. How long do you want to feel this way?”

We are creatures of habit. We tend to have a preferred way of choosing our life path. Perhaps avoiding some feeling and preferring or choosing a whole other set of choices. The thing is … whatever we are avoiding is actually accumulating in our psyche. You don’t get to the point of wanting to “check out” unless there is a whole arena of feelings you just don’t want to face anymore.

The vast majority of “problems” we have with our emotions and feelings are not the emotions themselves. It is our mental pattern(s) of avoiding the feelings. I do get it. If you are born into a domestic violence household, and you hear your mother sobbing in deep sorrow in the other room night after night, well, WTF. Welcome to Planet Earth. This is perhaps the most advanced and challenging karmic classroom a soul could incarnate into.

Enough of the heavy thoughts.

Our minds get ourselves stuck. Our minds are what get us postured with emotions and feelings which over time bring us to the breaking point.

The way out is to change our minds. To change our mind’s desire to avoid feelings. Sure, I get it. It can be tough to turn and face a lifetime of suppressed sorrows or such. But that is the only way to ever become truly free of them. That is how these karmic lessons are. The lessons await your strength to face them. To truly master your emotions is the lesson itself. The longer we put things off, whether within a lifetime, or if we “check out” only to return to learn a bigger version of the lesson that was right before us. The longer we “put it off” the more energy has accumulated regarding those feelings and emotions.

You are a very advanced soul, who has chosen the life lessons before you now. Whatever they are. You chose them. You did. Once you learn them, you will be a consciousness rock star. You will have graduated from the Earth School of the Tough Stuff.

Take care of yourself along the way.

Love You!



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