What did You get out of 2020?

There are always gifts woven within the struggles

First things first … Happy New Year!!!

2020 did provide bountiful harvests … for those who had the courage to do the work.

What if … 2020 was just like 2019? Would that have been “better?” We would not be on the trajectory of change that we are on now. We would be quite a bit more unconscious. Our trajectory would not have anywhere near the freedom and awareness that the real 2020 has brought us.

When I say “freedom and awareness” what I am talking about is You. The thing is … when things are “easy” we tend to ignore ourselves. We tend to ignore our subconscious tendencies. We would be thinking about  vacations, sports teams, social gatherings, movies and such. And these things typically do not bring about (deep) change.

If we are present enough, when the storms and struggles come around, we can “see” subconscious tendencies within ourselves. And if we have the discipline and skills, we can clean out a lot of subconscious karmic imprinting.

2020 has been a boon. A very valuable gift, if we are poised to receive all that it has to offer.

I don’t want to imply that we should all have the same outcome from 2020.

Many people have lost a lot. Whole lives have been destroyed. Careers, families, and relationships and such have been destroyed. Millions are suffering from deep heartache. I want to acknowledge that.

There are millions of us that have been cracked … open. We are finding deep feelings within us that would have gone unnoticed. And those people, who have discovered these deep scars on their psyches, have been able to heal themselves at a very deep level. Perhaps healing, for the first time, deep ancestral wounds … that will free future generations.

Every time we connect with, and release, karmic imprinting, we are raising our own vibration. As our vibration rises, we move into a higher realm of inspiration. We can connect with a higher wisdom within ourselves. And THAT changes everything. Once we start living our lives from a higher perspective, the trajectory of our future moves much closer to heaven. The heaven our ancestors have dreamt of for generations.

Can you list or journal the various ways 2020 has opened you up to a deeper understanding of You? Have you discovered aspects of yourself that were previously not even on your radar? And what about the collective consciousness? Do you look at humanity differently? Have you seen new aspects of humanity, that were always there, but not so obvious as they might be now? What a gift!

There are still many incongruent aspects of our societies that will crumble. And what a gift. Incongruent aspects of society are the crux of the dark shadow. Just look at the history of humanity on this planet. So much suffering and pain. Please let these incongruences perish.

The shadow is healed not by shunning it … that would ensure its continuation … but rather through its re-integration. When we can recognize that all of creation is Divinity expressing itself, we can accept and allow the shadow. Not as a choice we would make for ourselves, but as a possibility of “all that is.” We are given fierce freedom. Fierce. We can create every flavor of possibilities.

Both Light and Shadow are the Dance of Love. ~ Rumi

To your BEST 2021 Possible!

Love You



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