Suffering is Optional

The Untouchable You

We have all had our struggles. Some more painful than others. We all have had our own paths to walk. Sometimes it seems like a soul will choose a life path loaded with, often severe, personal challenges, perhaps to ensure there would be an awakening.

For many of us, is has been over the last few years that our lives got turned upside down. Where everything we thought life would bring us, is perhaps lost forever.

We can avoid the possibility of pain as well. How many of us have had our hearts broken. Perhaps crushed. And now we just don’t want to go “there” ever again. It is the pain itself, or the possibility of pain, that can freeze us in our tracks. Perhaps the memory of painful events.

Our personal history is loaded up with intense events from our past. Some are from this lifetime, and there can be much more subconscious memories at play in our lives today. Memories that we never got “past” in our past. Our subconscious can be full of such events. Because we never got past them. Past them, in the sense that the energy of the events never got fully processed. A classic example of this is PTSD. Where a young and innocent soldier goes into battle, only to be impaled with horror. When one goes into shock, all of the energy of what is happening is streamed into the subconscious. A huge direct download, straight into our subconsciousness, of very intense feelings. It is a survival tactic of the persona.

What am I getting at here?

What’s with all this intense crap Les?

I thought this blog was all about enlightenment? WTF!

If you want a more enjoyable life, then perhaps learn how not to accumulate (more) karma. How do you think the “shadow” or “darkness” takes hold on a psyche? It is the posturing with what is. It is posturing with “reality.” It is not accepting “reality.” I think it was the Buddha that said … “All suffering comes from failing to accept … what is.” You could, perhaps, say “all karma comes from failing to accept … what is.” But don’t despair. There is wiggle room in our relationship with “reality.” Or perhaps, our relationship with pain.

Do you have children? Wow, talk about Love. Or perhaps, a pet that you adore. Not to mention a spouse, lover or such. Love is a natural desire of our hearts. Yet, when that Love is severed, it can bring a pain that is like no other. The loss of a loved one is perhaps some of the toughest feelings we can have. So, to be “safe” … do we just avoid Love? There is a numbness that can come from that. Sort of like going into shock. Where we stop feeling. Where we just stop opening our hearts. I get it, pain can really suck. I have been curled up on the kitchen floor, alone, wrenching in the pain in my heart. But I prefer to Love.

The pathway to enlightenment, or to true freedom, is the re-integration of everywhere we have postured with “reality.” You could say that to evolve out of pain and suffering, which we all have at least some of in our subconscious, is to heal the parts of us that we weren’t willing to feel. To heal our relationship with the pain itself. To heal our ability to feel the pain that life can bring us, is to learn how to not accumulate unresolved aspects of ourselves as we are going through our lives. To learn how to not accumulate more karma as we are going through our lives.

There is a term, called spiritual bypassing, where we try to leapfrog over our emotions. Peace, and Love, and Joy Baby! I want to be happy all of the time. I have learned to “control” my emotions, and now I only feel happiness and love all of the time. Talk about a ticking time bomb. At some point, any emotions we are avoiding now, bypassing now, will return. And the longer we put off feeling our true feelings, all of them, the longer it will take us to become truly free of emotional bondage. It is by teaching ourselves how to feel all of our emotions that truly sets us free. Emotional mastery comes from healing our relationship with our feelings. And pain is an inevitable feeling of losing a love of our life.

There was a picture, quite profound, that was published in the early 60’s. A monk, who sat in the middle of the busy city street, doused himself with fuel, and set himself on fire, while he sat perfectly still in meditation. Without moving he passed away. I am sure he felt every bit of that pain.

Enough of the heavy.

You are in a Master Class. Perhaps the toughest class a soul can choose to take. Planet Earth, at this time, brings such a collage of feelings with it. If you are living out your life on Earth now, you are here to learn the toughest lessons there are to learn. You chose to come here to be challenged. To take the toughest classes there are. If you can find Love within you, and then learn to embody that Love, all the while navigating the karmic tsunami, then you are a badass soul. How you do it, how you carry yourself as you go thorough your life, will be the example for others. You are a Rock Star to even show up here.

You are a timeless Soul. The truth of you is timeless and untouchable by human intentions. You are safe. No matter what happens.

Love to You on this day.



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