Can You Reset Yourself?

So many narratives … so little time

How many triggers do you have? Are you easily offended? How do you react to completely contrary points of view? If your life gets turned on its head, how long does it take to re-adjust to what is?

Could you go back through your life and look at every decision you have ever made, and decide, with each and every one, if they were “right” or “wrong?”

Are you a writer? a dancer? a poet? a Diva? an architect? a singer? a doctor? a healer? an artist? a sage? a mystic? a … fill in the [   ].

Can you decide, in this moment, which one(s) of those you “are” … or “are not?”

I never saw myself as a writer. In fact, my ego argued with my heart and soul for about six years. In those first moments where my heart and soul suggested I write a book … I would have answered the question … am I a writer? Oh, hell no! Go back further in my life and ask the question … am I a spiritual person? No, I am not … I have been “burned” by religion … no thanks.

Yet, those things have proven to be true … in this moment.

What about narratives that existed in my head, way back when … that didn’t serve me? Thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that were not in alignment with my truth? Anchored in my “sense of self.” But in the big scheme, not in alignment with who I was at my core. There is a bit of unraveling that needs to happen if we want to evolve our spiritual sense of self.

What might those look like? Perhaps some thing like this …

There is a template of what “righteousness” looks like, and I must conform to that if I want to make it to “heaven.” If I do not live my life correctly, God will send my family to heaven, and I will burn in hell forever. Only God, with a big ‘G’, is powerful enough to solve the world’s problems. My value is determined by what I own, know, can do (skills), etc.

There is a sense of authenticity from a soul’s perspective … and also, perhaps, a “false” sense of authenticity from the egos’ perspective.

By becoming empty, you become full. By becoming nothing, you become everything. In other words, by letting go of all attachments or titles, you become “nothing.” As a result of that, you become “equal” to everything. Without posture with everything. Without bias or judgment. The moment you grasp a title or attachment, you create a posture with life. I am “this,” and therefore not “that.” Whereas to evolve to the Christ Consciousness within you now, I am “this” and I am “that.”

Both Light, and Shadow, are the Dance of Love. ~ Rumi

The burning bush said “I Am That I Am.” The Bhagavad Gita said “As It Is.” No posturing with anything. To move up the proverbial stairway to heaven is to re-integrate everything in your sense of self that has separated you with all that is.

We are all living in immense change. Many of our lives have been turned on their heads. How long does it take you to reset? There is a notion that I really like. Circumstances have no power or say in what might be. In other words, no matter what our lives are right now, we have free will to create anew. A new dynamic. A new direction. And thus, a new outcome. But whether we can, or cannot, do that is based on our attachments, and sense of self.

I think it was the Buddha that said … all suffering comes from failing to accept … what is.

Loosey-goosey gives you the most freedom.

Love You!



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