reset yourself


Can You Reset Yourself? So many narratives … so little time How many triggers do you have? Are you easily offended? How do you react to completely contrary points of view? If your life gets turned on its head, how long does it take to re-adjust to what is? Could you go back through your life and look at every decision you have ever made, and decide, with each and every one, if they were “right” or “wrong?” Are you a writer? a dancer? a poet? a Diva? an architect? a singer? a doctor? a healer? an artist? a sage? a mystic? a … fill in the [   ]. Can you decide, in this moment, which one(s) of those you “are” … or “are not?” I never saw myself as a writer. In fact, my ego argued with my heart and soul for about six years. In those first moments…