Living YOUR Authentic Life

There is not a “single” template to Heaven

Who are You?

Can you tell when you are BEing your most authentic? Can you tell when you are sculpting who you are in order to fit in or meet someone else’s expectation(s)? Can you hear the desires of your heart and soul? Moment to moment? Do you honor your heart and soul’s inspirations … moment to moment?

There is no template to heaven. Not in the sense that you have to be more “righteous” in order to “get into heaven.” There is not a single attribute that is “required” for you to experience Heaven, except perhaps, Love. And more specifically, Self-Love. Unconditional Self-Love.

Heaven or Hell is always experienced in this now. There are millions of people who will experience Hell today. Right now. And likewise there are millions of people who are experiencing Heaven today, right now.

The universe is a mirror of sorts. Whether we are talking about the quantum field (the quantum “mirror”), or we just say “what you put out, you get back.”

The elephant in the room is, perhaps, our subconscious. That warehouse of accumulated subconscious thoughts, emotions and attitudes that are also projecting out, creating our quantum reflection. That reflection, IS our own unique personal experience of “reality.” It is done unto you as YOU believe. Which means, that if there are 7 billion personal belief systems, there are 7 billion personal unique flavors of “reality.”

Is the world “safe” or is it “dangerous?”

You are right!

Wait, I forgot to ask, what was YOUR answer?  ;- )

Anger was a prominent emotional karmic element within my subconscious, a critical one that ended up changing my life forever. When the unresolved anger in my subconscious attracted to me my angry boss, as I have shared before, I was experiencing my own subconscious anger, reflecting back to me. As I learned how to release the unresolved anger within my own subconscious, my angry boss lost interest in me and I no longer had “anger” oriented encounters with him. Poof! Just like that.

I have been working on my own personal energy persona for 25+ years now. Have I purged all of my anger in my subconscious? Probably not. There is a scene in the bible, where Jesus takes his followers over to the side, and turns himself into pure light. L-I-G-H-T. And there are those that have said Enlightened Masters are fully conscious, without a subconscious accumulation of karma. If I have no karma, or energy, stored in my subconscious, then my “now” consciousness is the only energy I am emitting into the quantum field or mirror. And thus, the only component of the quantum reflection back to me. Perfect ability to “manifest” the totality of the quantum reflection. And by having full consciousness of your consciousness, everything you think or emit, becomes “reality.” Thus, the ability to create matter (for example the food that fed the masses) out of thin air. Poof! Sweet!

There is an authentic idea of you. From the soul level. Not the ego so much. My soul had the (authentic) idea of me becoming an author, and my ego argued with my soul for many years. Thank God my soul was eventually successful. Since I honored the authentic inspirations from my soul, and became a published author, I feel much more satisfaction and fulfillment in my life. In other words, I moved into much more harmony with myself. My ego had developed a habit of not listening or honoring the inspirations of my heart and soul on a daily basis. That habit, to live mostly in my head, had kept me out of harmony with my truly authentic self.

If you are not in harmony with your true authentic self, you are not in harmony with your own personal idea of “Heaven.”

The Divine idea of Heaven on Earth is the idea of 7 billion unique expressions of authentic living. An orchestra has many very different instruments. Each unique in their own way. Yet, when each instrument performs or expresses itself in its own authentic way, beautiful music is the result. That is an idea of what Heaven on Earth would look like. All of us anchored in our own authentic expressions. Living our own unique authentic life. Purify your personal energy persona and you can manifest in much more of a real-time nature. Pure Authentic YOU!

Love You!



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