Feeling the Breeze

What does your Cadence tell you?

There is a cadence, a motion, to walking your path. I find it a bit tricky to write about it, in that some Souls really need a rest. But there are others, millions if not billion of folks, that are nowhere near living their true potentials. Again, it is not a requirement. It is not the Divine idea of everyone.

What do I mean by Cadence? What is Your Effect?

There is a way where many of us get “stuck.” Where we stop the natural flow of the creative impulse within ourselves. There is a natural flow, or cadence, to the creative, the creation, process. Inspiration … into effect. The “invisible” IN-spiration … brought into physical form. A flow. The flow. Of the creation process creation. For example, say (metaphorically) that our soul intends for us to build a house. First you lay a foundation. You pour concrete. You create the base for the house to be built on. It is not the roof, the doors, the walls, the plumbing. It is the foundation. We can’t add anything until there is a foundation to add it to. What can happen is that our soul shows us the next step. “Make the foundation.” And here is where our cadence, our momentum, stops. We don’t “see” it as the next step. “Yes, I see that you are inspiring me to make the foundation” … but I don’t want to do that right now… I LOVE looking at doors. Beautiful doors. And our “next step” … sits there.

Perhaps we are intending to be in a (more) loving relationship. Our soul registers it as being on the current agenda. OK, let’s do it!

Forgive your Father. Ugh! That horrible man! (just as an example). I don’t want to even think about THAT!

And what we want, a more loving relationship, stops cold in its tracks. Its cadence comes to a stop. I can’t forgive that man. I don’t want to even go there right now. The next step is known to us, sort of, and yet we don’t acknowledge it because we just can’t go there.

I have heard of several people, living in very difficult situations. Seeing their kid, who has had very challenging personal struggles, go to the emergency room, yet again. Or losing a sibling, out of the blue, having a whole new life-changing narrative being thrust on them without “asking for it.” Or losing the beauty, warmth and comfort of their wonderful home, to a hurricane. Their whole life, all the wonderful memories, caked in mud or destroyed in some way. Gone. Ugh! WTF!

WTF! What do I do … now?

There is always a next step. But if we are not able to recognize it, let alone take that next step, we can get stuck. We can only see what is in front of us. Our life without that next step taken.

Whether it is us creating something fun and delightful, or whether it is something that we must face, to move on in our life, a good thing to check in on … is our cadence. Are we processing life? Are we willing to own up to what we need to do? Or are we ignoring the next step(s)?

Is your life feeling fulfilled? Is there a breeze to your cadence? Are you in motion … engaged in the creation process? For many of us, we are at a turning point in our life. And many of us have a new dynamic to “install” in our demeanor.

One last point … EnJoy today … THIS day. If you want to end up enjoying your life, practice enjoying … today. This day. By learning how to enjoy aspects of today, you will be in a better stance to enjoy tomorrow too. Keep that up and you just might end up enjoying the entire journey. Joy is the wake of your cadence when you are fulfilling your life purpose.

Love You



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