creative impulse


Feeling the Breeze What does your Cadence tell you? There is a cadence, a motion, to walking your path. I find it a bit tricky to write about it, in that some Souls really need a rest. But there are others, millions if not billion of folks, that are nowhere near living their true potentials. Again, it is not a requirement. It is not the Divine idea of everyone. What do I mean by Cadence? What is Your Effect? There is a way where many of us get “stuck.” Where we stop the natural flow of the creative impulse within ourselves. There is a natural flow, or cadence, to the creative, the creation, process. Inspiration … into effect. The “invisible” IN-spiration … brought into physical form. A flow. The flow. Of the creation process creation. For example, say (metaphorically) that our soul intends for us to build a house. First…