This too … will pass

There are no permanent markers

We are never stuck. We are (eternally) free. It just doesn’t seem that way when we are marching on a linear timeline. There have been many people sharing with me lately how their life is in despair. But this too … will pass. There is nothing that can impede our journey, at least not forever.

It might seem a little silly, but we get a “master reset” when we transition. If you lost a leg, in a previous life from perhaps a WWI mishap, poof, you get a new one in this life. How cool is THAT?

The idea that when the ego tires of the back-to-back challenges of this life and takes on a “this life is finished” attitude, is a short-term temporal notion.

There  is ALWAYS another lesson. Another chapter of sorts in your life. But to be able to start over, change your dynamic or such, you need to process as much of what is happening … now … to clean the slate, clear the (karmic) slate of this moment. This challenge. This dynamic.

We attract to us lessons. Karmic teachers of sorts. Don’t avoid the lesson in front of you now. Or your next dynamic will feel very similar to this one. You can’t leave a relationship with a big chip on your shoulder, and not have that influence your next relationship. The lessons are gifts, really. Opportunities for us to cleanse our own psyche. Cleanse our personal energy persona from the energetic, the karmic imprinting in our subconscious.

You might think of your subconscious as an energetic accumulation of everywhere, of everywhen, in our past that we didn’t fully process in the moments and experiences we have gone through.

The way into the shadow, is to posture with … what is. The way out of the shadow, is to re-integrate those experiences back into a harmonious energy. A zero-point type of energy. A return to wholeness.

You are never stuck. There is always another moment for you to change the karmic trajectory you are on. You do that by healing your past. By healing, or dissipating, the energetic karmic imprints in your personal energy persona.

… and release!

Love You!



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