soul-level living


Living YOUR Authentic Life There is not a “single” template to Heaven Who are You? Can you tell when you are BEing your most authentic? Can you tell when you are sculpting who you are in order to fit in or meet someone else’s expectation(s)? Can you hear the desires of your heart and soul? Moment to moment? Do you honor your heart and soul’s inspirations … moment to moment? There is no template to heaven. Not in the sense that you have to be more “righteous” in order to “get into heaven.” There is not a single attribute that is “required” for you to experience Heaven, except perhaps, Love. And more specifically, Self-Love. Unconditional Self-Love. Heaven or Hell is always experienced in this now. There are millions of people who will experience Hell today. Right now. And likewise there are millions of people who are experiencing Heaven today, right…