Living in the Joy of Your Life Purpose

Your Soul has an Idea for You

There is a curious thing that happens, as we load our psyche up with karma. We collapse the notion of our life into smaller and smaller narratives. As we load up our psyche with karma, we literally disconnect from a lot of our intuitive information resources. In other words, we lose more of our ability to intuitively sense our environment and thus choices, and thus our ability to intuitively make (better) choices.

There is a pattern of sorts that shows up when we have disconnected from our intuition. As we lose the ability to be more fully intuitive in the moment, we move our decision-making mechanism up into our brains. And our brains, or egos if you will, love patterns. Patterns are predictable. Patterns offer the illusion of safety. Patterns give us the feeling of knowing what we are about to create.

I have interviewed hundreds of people, and often the guests share a story of feeling (intuitively) the urge to make a change. Many stories are about just before 2020. One guest shared a story that her whole family was to move from Australia to England. Although they had lived in Australia many years, the intuitive hit of … it’s time to move came to her. And they moved. Not knowing that 2020 was around the corner.

For myself, I got the intuitive hit to move back into a house I was renting. Just before 2020 I got the strong “hit” to leave Boulder, Colorado, where I myself was renting, and to move back into a home I had been renting out. Which I did. And I am so delighted I did, as the rental rates have risen considerably in the Boulder area.

I mention these examples, because they “break” the pattern of the ego. Often the ego would just prefer to keep things the same.

Your Soul has a vision for your life. A vision that your ego cannot totally comprehend. Because your Soul is a multi-dimensional BEing, its vision for your life cannot be fully understood by your linear mind. When we are living an ego-centric life, we are living in established patterns of choices. Yet, through the power of synchronicity, our Souls can guide us, intuitively, thought a more sporadic type of life. This can seem undesirable by the ego. Where the future becomes less certain. But to the Soul, it makes life much more easy. The Soul can easily live a spontaneous and vibrant life. Outside of the “normal” patterning that our ego would prefer. Where there are multiple narratives being played out at the same time. Where the path through your life becomes non-linear. Your Soul, when the ego has stepped back and allows, can line up multiple synchronicities in your everyday life. Where what you are doing throughout your day makes no linear sense. Yet much more is accomplished. Once the ego can stand down, so to speak, there is  a sense of Joy, from the ego’s perspective, to watch the synchronistic events play out throughout your day.

Perhaps your Soul has shown you a life purpose of becoming a screenplay writer. Perhaps showing you a vision of you writing these powerful screenplays. And as you go throughout your day, perhaps you walk past a homeless shelter. A place where the homeless can get a meal and necessities. You notice a “volunteers wanted” sign in the window. And you get a hit … volunteer! Wait, what? Oh hell no. I don’t have time for THAT. Yet the founder of the shelter is a retired screenplay writer. And would love to coach you. Perhaps you would learn a lot about the human psyche, interacting with the homeless. Perhaps you would learn compassion at a whole new level. But your ego says … I don’t know what would happen. I don’t know “this” pattern. I don’t know what would happen (to me). And you keep on walking.

Had you stopped, and actually volunteered, your life would have changed in so many unpredictable ways, that your ego would (eventually) see your growth and feel a deep sense of Joy at your progress.

This very type of experience came to me when I first got the inspiration to “write a book.” My ego argued with my Heart and Soul for over six years. And luckily my Heart and Soul “won.” Now, as a writer, writing this sentence right now, I feel such a sense of Joy from writing. Writing has become a fundamental part of my life. Yet had my ego “won,” I wouldn’t be writing at all in my life. And thus I would have missed out on such a wonderful source of Joy in my life.

Thirteen-plus years ago … “Les … start a spiritual Podcast” … OK!

What are your Heart and Soul calling you to do? Do that!

Love You!



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