From the Dark, into the Light

Reclaiming Your Consciousness

When we think of our spiritual journey (back) to enlightenment, it is actually a return to wholeness. Where we connect with energetic elements of energy within our subconscious, feel it, and thus release it. But often, this is the last thing we want to do, at an ego level. Our ego oftentimes prefers to avoid the difficult feelings within ourself. That avoidance tends to promote the accumulation of even more karma into our subconscious. Thus pushing us deeper into the shadow side of being human.

We lose our consciousness when we posture or divide ourself. It isn’t that we actually lose our consciousness, per se, but rather, we separate it by pushing it into our subconscious. Thus creating, or adding to, our shadow. In other words, whenever we avoid a feeling, by posturing with it, we are creating karma. If you were able to stay present, in every moment and completely feel everything, you would not accumulate any karma. Easier said than done. You might think of the first time your soul postured with “reality” that the original “sin” was committed. Fast forward many lifetimes, and we have loaded up our subconscious with so much shadow, or darkness.

You might think of “sin” as the karmic momentum of your subconscious. The more we posture with what is, the more we create a momentum of sorts. The energy of our subconscious, that collage of energy that we accumulated over time, IS our karma itself.

The journey back home, the journey back to wholeness, comprises the re-constitution of our consciousness. Wherever we have postured or divided ourselves, we can heal or transmute that separation back into wholeness. This is the mechanics of karma, really.

When, as a child, I learned to suppress my anger, at all cost, I was setting up a subconscious mechanism to continuously add any elements of anger that I might encounter as I went throughout my day, adding the energy of that anger into my subconscious. Thus growing my shadow. This mechanism, to suppress my anger, was charging my psyche with more and more anger. I was not conscious of this at all. Fast forward several decades, and my anger was a very prominent part of my karma.

You can imagine a young man, going off to war. When he first encounters the horror of war, he would go into shock at some level. A numbness of sorts. Thus shifting everything he would have felt, and pushing it all into his subconscious. It doesn’t take much of that and we have the makings of PTSD. A karmic consequence of the experience of war.

This place, Planet Earth, is a master classroom for learning how to navigate intense karma. It is quite evident that we are living out very deep scars in our consciousness. For so many generations, we have been inflicting more and more karma into our subconscious. Both individually and thus collectively too. The path out of this narrative is to heal our relationship with our own karma. To turn inward and start to clear out the subconscious feelings we had chosen to avoid. As we “burn off” our karma, by allowing ourselves to feel it, we are returning to wholeness. We are returning to our enlightened Self.

There is a tipping point, like a teeter totter, where it becomes easier to deal with our karma. As we make our spiritual journey back home, by healing the karmic stigmas within us, there is a point where it becomes much easier. It is as if we understand, at some level, that to continue to posture with life is to continue to suffer. Once we take the stance of facing our shadow, and then engaging in the healing process, we can find a sense of peace, a sense of hope, that can bring us joy today. This day.

Love You



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