The Power of Zero

From the ashes

So, we talked in the last blog about your ego being like a charge of static electricity. Like the kind you get when you shuffle your feet across the carpet when the air is dry. In other words, you didn’t have an ago the day you were born. But your Soul, the source of the consciousness your ego “runs” on, was there. Complete with a life-intention and purpose. So, there was zero ego in effect because the ego didn’t exist yet. And one hundred percent Soul consciousness.

Then along came your ego.  Time out! …  All bets are off.

We always have the opportunity to live 100% in our heads. All narrative(s), all the time. And so many of us do just that. scrolling our way through our online interactions with others. On our phones. In our stories.

What if you arrive in Heaven, and there is no thing there?

No need to be alarmed. You can’t get it wrong. Your ego is not in charge of the continuity of your consciousness. And thank God for that Divine design.

But the elegance doesn’t end there. The whole power vs. force thing is over the top. The more you can embody (pure) Love, the less the rules of physics apply. This is the realm of miracles.

The more you take on karma, or shadow, the more force it takes to accomplish something. In other words, the more you take on the villain archetype, the more laws of physics apply to your efforts. If the villain archetype wanted to execute the war machine narrative, it will be so far from source consciousness that it will have to consume energy to execute it. It will need fuel, supplies, etc. Consuming “power” to operate. Making it less sustainable. When the fuel runs out. Game over.

To look at the savior or hero archetype … both have a vision above the collective consciousness’ ability to see options for whatever confronts them. The savior or hero archetype can transcend the common narrative, and can language a new narrative with a new outcome. Transcending staying in the old narratives with the old outcomes.

A distinction of the upper realms of consciousness, is the limited number of narratives that are in operation. In other words, all the thoughts of the consciousness of the Divine persona are aligned with the single, or very few, intentions. One hundred percent pure focus. With Zero thoughts contrary. And thus, the unbiased reflection of the mirror, reflects the pure results back.

Do you like to be naked? Metaphorically? In the sense that, when you let your soul run the show, whatever the current narratives will create, your ego doesn’t need to justify or critique. Your soul is operating close to 100% of the narrative, and the ego is riding the rest without expectation. An ego that can stand down, and not have any narratives running. Quick to start up when needed. And able to inflate itself to accommodate the mental horsepower needed to traverse the event(s) before you. Did I just say inflate the ego to as big as it needs to be in the moment? Yup. The narrative it is executing is instructions from the soul. Go talk to that person. Start writing that book. Eat more chocolate. Sex it up a bit.

Zero affords the most outcomes. No other number is as unbiased as the number zero.

By becoming empty, you become full (of possibilities ;- )

Love You!



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