Little You. BIG You.

Who are You?

Did you ever shuffle your feet across the carpet to build up a static charge, and then touch the light switch to watch the little spark? Before you started shuffling your feet, you didn’t have a charge. Before you were born, you didn’t have an ego.

Who is this “You”? Who is this you, reading this sentence? Who?

You did have a soul, the day you were born. Before you were born, your soul took great effort to choose who “you” would be. Or perhaps could be. At least the environment for the new “you” to be created in. And then you were born. A bit of the “roll the dice” vibe here.

Because once your ego was up and running, several years into your life, a new “wild card” was introduced into your narrative, or trajectory. That wild card was your ego. In other words, your soul had complete control over the selection of your birth conditions. Who your parents would be. What opportunities and what struggles would come upon you. The soul ran the whole show, so to speak. But once your ego, this “you” reading this sentence, came along, nothing was guaranteed. Our egos are often very fragile. Fragile in a sense that once they get set off, or triggered, the ego can polarize itself. In a flash. Our ego, because it was offended in some way, can say decisive things, like “never again,” or “I will always choose this or that,” or “I never want to go there (some emotional condition) again.” Karmic train wrecks of sorts. To lodge such extreme bias into our attitude for the rest of our life. Touchy little things egos are. Not all egos mind you. Mindful egos tend to see things as lessons and not something to posture with.

Are you a spiritual seeker? Or perhaps you just want your life to be easier, funner and more enjoyable? You can think of your journey out of struggle as a journey, of sorts, back to your soul. Your soul doesn’t take anything personally. Yet, if your identity is totally anchored in your ego, well then, you just might be offended along the way. And thus the source of suffering has the wheel.

We have talked about karma before, and the loading up of our subconscious with unresolved karmic stigmas. Unresolved emotions and beliefs that we have taken on. These are core elements to how our ego can get triggered or set off. Yet these unresolved emotions and beliefs are like that static charge we developed by shuffling our feet on the carpet. There is no “truth” to them, in the sense that we will eventually resolve them as we complete our spiritual journey. We will discharge the energy behind them. It is the feelings themselves that get the ego nervous. When we decide we never want to feel that way again, that we take on a charge of sorts. When we posture with our emotions and beliefs. Charging up our psyche.

When our ego heals the stance or posture with the feeling(s), then we can discharge the energy behind our karmic stigmas. When we allow the feelings, dropping our stance or posture with the collage of unresolved emotions and beliefs in our subconscious, then we can start to discharge the karma we have taken on. As we discharge this karmic energy within our subconscious, we are shifting our energy. We are returning to the original energy of our soul. Just like once we touch the light switch, and discharge the energy we took on, shuffling our feet across the carpet, we return to who we were before we took on the energy.

The ego, once the lessons have been learned, can stand down. Can just be. An enlightened ego can see things as they are. I think it was the Buddha that said “All suffering comes from the failure to accept things … as they are”… or something like that. Once the ego stands down, the soul steps forward, metaphorically, and can take the wheel. Where the soul is present all throughout your day. The BIG You at the wheel.

When this happens, then a non-linear trajectory comes into play. And the true adventure, from the perspective of the ego, comes online.

Got Soul?

Love You!



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