journey to enlightenment


From the Dark, into the Light Reclaiming Your Consciousness When we think of our spiritual journey (back) to enlightenment, it is actually a return to wholeness. Where we connect with energetic elements of energy within our subconscious, feel it, and thus release it. But often, this is the last thing we want to do, at an ego level. Our ego oftentimes prefers to avoid the difficult feelings within ourself. That avoidance tends to promote the accumulation of even more karma into our subconscious. Thus pushing us deeper into the shadow side of being human. We lose our consciousness when we posture or divide ourself. It isn’t that we actually lose our consciousness, per se, but rather, we separate it by pushing it into our subconscious. Thus creating, or adding to, our shadow. In other words, whenever we avoid a feeling, by posturing with it, we are creating karma. If you…