Let Go of Struggle There is Grace within You now Imagine … if you will … Imagine that you are crossing a wide and swift river. Perhaps about waist deep. And there is a taut rope strung across the swift river. You are holding tightly to the rope as you take step after step. Feeling for a solid footing on the rocky bottom. Each step brings risk, yet again. Over and over. If you get it wrong … yikes. When we have loaded up our psyche with unresolved emotions, beliefs and expectations, we are literally creating a source of turbulence of sorts within us. We are creating an energetic “connection” with the world “out there.” When the world “out there” is triggered with emotional events, emotions of fear, lack, war, famine and dis-ease, we feel it within our own unresolved emotions in our subconscious. We actually project this energetic connection…