Spiritual Growth is Spiritual Expansion

All consciousness seeks expansion

You can never do it all.

As I mentioned in the title of the last blog, you can’t do it all. There is a curious attribute to our consciousness, in that it is constantly seeking to expand itself.

In the beginning was the Light (Source Consciousness). It sought to expand itself, and brought itself into form. It sought to expand its experience, and thus created form. A canvas of sorts, for it to express itself through. You are part of that canvas of expression. You are also part of that consciousness. There is no consciousness “outside,” or separate, from Source Consciousness, or “God.” Even the “evil” ones are Source Consciousness.

We have a pacing of sorts. For many of us, we have settled down into a “normal” experience of life. A normal experience, where one day isn’t much different, as far as our experience, as the day(s) before. Some of us have even found our way into a rut of sorts. Perhaps thinking that the world out there is difficult, hostile and challenging. They may even have evidence of this. With a long laundry list of such experiences woven through their past. Proof, in their eyes, that indeed life is difficult, hostile and challenging. And, to them, they might be “right.” We are the creators of our life experiences. But just because we have created a consistent type of life, doesn’t mean the world as a whole is what we have created.

For myself, what my life looks like to me, is an ever-evolving experience. But I didn’t always “see” it this way. I certainly had a singular narrative of sorts, before I got cracked open. My life experience was a pretty consistent thing. But then I did get cracked open. And what did that change for me? Everything, really.

The difference is, in part, that my Heart and Soul were not guiding me before I got cracked open. Not in an absolute way. After all, I did start up a career in Broadcast Television. A core aspect of my life path. Even though I didn’t understand just how big my life path would become. I did follow my Heart and Soul’s guidance early on in my life. But not in a more “full-time” way. I wouldn’t entertain inspiration that was too far out of the existing narrative I was living. Starting a podcast, writing books, and becoming a Spiritual Teacher were not in my consciousness at all. Yet, the seeds for these things were in my consciousness, or psyche. Once I got cracked open, I started to recognize ongoing guidance from my Heart and Soul. Once I created space in my day-to-day consciousness to pay attention to the inspirations of my Heart and Soul, my life started expanding in a much more regular way.

Not only was my spiritual growth accelerating, but my spiritual perspective of my life was expanding as well. I now realize that just how much my life expands is, in large part, decided by my ego. Once I taught my ego to appreciate new inspiration(s), the cadence of my spiritual growth accelerated as well. I now realize that I cannot exhaust my potentials. Not really. Not ever. There will always be more for me to expand into. I just had to let go of the idea of what my life would actually be, and allow it to show me a path that my ego couldn’t have ever created on its own. A big part of my spiritual growth has moved me into service for humanity. The Soul seeks to serve. That element was missing in my life before I got cracked open. But it has anchored itself into my life expansion now. And for that I am very grateful.

You can never do it all. You can never exhaust your inspirational resources. You can ignore them. But at this point in my life, I don’t want to miss a thing.

Love You



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